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Exploring the Solar System

About Exploring the Solar System

Exploring the Solar System is an interactive science app for children to learn about the universe.

Why do seasons change? How does the moon affect the tides on earth?  Why does the shape of the moon change? Is there anything else out there in space? Is earth the only planet with life on it? This app finally answers all of these puzzling questions.
New discoveries have been made about earth and space. By using Exploring the Solar System App you’ll have all of the latest information at your fingertips.
Exploring the solar system iPad App:
•Characters Bolts & Blip take you on an intergalactic journey and provide exciting information about space
•Various interactive components and examples have made learning fun and entertaining!
•NASA images have been used to show details of the universe
Chapter 1: The relationship between the sun, earth, and moon.
•The sun, the earth, and the moon
•Learn about the rotations and revolutions around the sun, earth and moon
•Explore how and why seasons change
• See how satellites work
•View a detailed map of the moon
•Discover why the moon appears to change shapes and positions from the perspective on earth
•What is a solar eclipse and lunar eclipse
•How does the moon affect the tide
Chapter 2: Planets of the Solar System
•What is a solar system
• Discover how the sun is the source of energy for the earth
•Learn how the planet Mercury is similar to the moon
•See how craters and volcanos developed on Venus
•Find out how earth became a rich repository of water and life
•Explore the lava rock on the red planet Mars
•Investigate the 60 moons that surround Jupiter
•Examine the ring around Saturn
•Learn how Uranus is “rolling” through the sky
•Inspect the furthest planet from the sun, Neptune
Chapter 3: Small Celestial Bodies of the Solar System
•Discover other exciting entities that are found in the solar system
•What constitutes a small planet, and how did Pluto get labeled as one
•Learn about the asteroid belt
•What is the difference between a meteor, meteoroid, and meteorite
•Explore how a comet travels throughout space

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  • Exploring the Solar SystemExploring the Solar SystemExploring the Solar SystemExploring the Solar SystemExploring the Solar System