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Explain Everything Whiteboard is free app available for iOS (iPhone and iPad) and Android devices. This app helps to develop cognitive skills and classroom engagement and best suited for students in secondary school and above. Explain Everything Whiteboard is an easy-to-use and best interactive whiteboard and screencasting app. Explain Everything app can be used to present information to students in a visually engaging way. But an even more exciting part of this app is helping your students learn to create and present with it - individually or on group projects.

This school learning app also allows you to share your projects using different media including Dropbox, Evernote, Google Drive, Box, YouTube, Vimeo, and One Drive making it one of the best educational apps for students.

Explain Everything Whiteboard Review Review

Explain Everything Product Details & Teacher Review

We completed an Explain Everything Whiteboard review to help you decide if this app is right for you. Explain Everything is a powerful and easy-to-use presentation creator, collaboration facilitator, and note-taking tool and one of the best education apps for students. It has many uses in education for parents who are homeschooling, teachers taking lessons in class or remotely, and students learning at home or school.

What is Explain Everything Whiteboard?

Explain Everything helps create dynamic and interactive lessons, activities, presentations and tutorials easily in the classroom. This school app for teachers also allows you to insert different multimedia documents such as Powerpoints, pdfs, pictures, audio and video files into your project. Teachers and students can make presentations with content from multiple sources on this innovative, fun app.

The building blocks of your presentation, notes, and collaborations are slides. Whichever you are creating, the same tools are used and are just as useful in each. Assuming you have a full subscription, you can have as many of these in your presentation as you want. Each slide is made of different on-screen elements:

Predefined: Arrows, Geometric shapes
Create-as-you-go: Handwritten notes, Diagrams 

A further type lets you import media such as videos, audio recordings, and pictures from your device.

Your saved presentations can be presented in a variety of ways both remotely and in person. The app includes tools to make this more convenient, responsive, and effective than the static pages of other presentation tools. This school learning app has screen overlays to walk you through the basics and a very comprehensive help centre and manual. You can access these through the options icon at the top left of the screen when you are creating a presentation.

Is explain Everything Whiteboard free?

Yes, Explain Everything Whiteboard is free to download on iOS (iPhone and iPad) and Android devices. There are also no in-app purchases or advertisements on Explain Everything app.

How can Explain Everything Whiteboard benefit users?

There are countless apps used in schools however we have found that Explain Everything Whiteboard is one of the best. This is because this app can have a positive impact on teachers, students, and parents. Not only is it an educational app for students but it is also a great school app for teachers. 

How does Explain Everything Whiteboard benefit teachers?

After completing an Explain Everything Whiteboard review we feel this school app for teachers benefits teachers because it allows you to create lesson presentations to be watched at a later date. Students can access these and watch the lesson at a time and in a place of their choosing. Where lessons are not presented live, the tools in this school app for teachers allow teachers to make their lessons more polished as they edit their voiceovers and perfect their on-screen explanations. Teachers can present the slides remotely to students or in a traditional classroom setting using their device's screen-sharing capabilities. As they do this, teachers can respond to questions and elaborate further in response to them using the app's built-in tools. These sessions can be recorded in the app so that they can be revisited at a later time. Using the collaboration facility in the app, teachers can plan lessons, schemes of work and any other team effort both remotely and in-person with colleagues. Notes, discussions, and everything else can be preserved as the participants' ideas are collated into a final document making it one of the best educational apps for students.

How does Explain Everything Whiteboard benefit Parents?

After completing an Explain Everything Whiteboard review we feel this app benefits parents because it allows them to prepare how explain a topic to children. Thinking of examples off the top of your head and clearly explaining them is more difficult than you might think. Use the template feature to set out one question and then base additional ones on this. This will speed up the process. The on-screen drawing tools are very useful for elaborating on and highlighting key points. Parents can create lessons in advance to give to children so that that they can learn while their parents are busy with other tasks.  These lessons can be created at a time more convenient for parents than the hours when children are supposed to be learning. Children can then use the same app and device to collate and present what they have done.

How does Explain Everything Whiteboard benefit students?

After completing an Explain Everything Whiteboard review we feel this app benefits students because they can use the app in person or remotely with classmates who also have the app. They can create joint presentations and help each other to understand difficult topics. When students have understood a difficult topic, they should make a presentation explaining it - in particular looking at what made it difficult for them before. This will be invaluable if they forget in the future and need to revise. The app is great for presenting projects live and as a way to hand in a copy of work. Just save the presentation as a video for teachers who do not have the app.

How do you use Explain Everything on whiteboard?

You can choose to start any slide from a completely blank one or a predefined template. Especially when you are first getting used to this school learning app, see if you can find a suitable template. You can modify it as much as you want. If you create a slide layout that you would like to use in other presentations or further slides, save it as a template. 

How do I save project in Explain Everything Whiteboard?

To save a project in Explain Everything Whiteboard all you need to do is tap the project name (your project name at the top of the screen) and select 'Save as Template'. If you do this, you'll probably find it easier for future use if you first make you existing slide more generic, for example by replacing the text in text boxes with just the word 'text'. Then, you won't have to go through deleting lots of text each time you want to use the template. Watch the in-built guide to get an overview of the icons and what they do. 

What do all the different icons mean on Explain Ev​erything Whiteboard?

The top four are straightforward. They are, in order:
  • add on-screen elements
  • reposition on-screen elements
  • draw on the screen
  • paint fill
You may well notice the omission of basic shapes but these are there. You just select the next icon, with a square and circle, and then the dashed-line star. Now, you can draw shapes freehand. Even if your circles are wobbly or your rectangles misshapen, the app will tidy them up into crisp shapes automatically. Next is the text-box tool which you use to add typed text to the screen. You can return to any text box by tapping it to change the contents, font, and size. Below the text icon is a 'clip' icon. You select a portion of the screen and this is then duplicated and can be repositioned. The icon with a large 'X' is for delete. Toggle this icon on and then select an on-screen element. If you tap the red 'x' it will delete the element. Disable this by choosing any other icon. The next icons will be covered in the presenting section.

How do I present in Explain Everything Whiteboard?

When you are presenting a topic using this app, you will likely not need to use so many of the tools. Indeed, you should avoid doing this for more than a few notes or manipulations as this can distract you from your audience for too long. Choose the presentation mode in the app to hide the majority of the icons leaving you with just the most useful ones for presentations. You do not need to obscure the shared screen by pointing at it.

Access the laser pointer in the app through the icon which looks like a target. Use this to point to key elements. The 'i' icon lets you constrain on-screen elements by any combination of scale, rotation, and position. This is useful if you accidentally drag elements which should be fixed in place. You can also control which elements are in front of others here. The magnifying glass gives you some options for zooming in. The app uses the typical pinch-to-zoom gesture. During presentations, though, you might want to zoom in on your small device screen while the shared, larger screen stays as it is. You can do this by tapping the 'ninja' icon that appears when you select the magnifying glass. This activates 'stealth zoom'. You can also choose to reset the zoom at a single press here by tapping 'reset'.

How do I share something in Explain Everything Whiteboard?

You have final control over with whom you can share your presentations. You can open it up to users from your group account, specified people from the group, or any individual to whom you give the link and code. You can also choose whether they have a download and/or edit facility for the presentation. At the top-right of the screen, you can select an arrow icon. This opens up a set of export options. The first lets you create a web-video link. You can pass this link on to others so that you can share it either as a slideshow or video.

Next, you can export it to one of a few file types, such as video, document and image. Finally, you can record a presentation, complete with your own voiceover. Do keep in mind that the screen and audio recording remain active until stopped, even if you leave the app. Don't access any apps showing private information while this is switched on. Any video or audio assets can be edited in the simple timeline tool at the bottom of the app. The 'invite' icon at the top of the screen is where you generate join codes and links that let multiple people collaborate. The performance of this depends on the number of participants and their internet connection speeds.

Explain Everything Whiteboard tips

  1. If you find your on-screen drawing has become pale, you need to switch from pencil to pen mode. Click the pen icon, then the second icon down, then choose the pen. 
  2. If your eraser does not seem to be working, ensure you select the correct erase mode to match what you are trying to do. Tap the eraser and choose whether you want to erase clip art elements or your handwritten marks.
  3. If an icon has an ellipsis in the bottom-left corner, it has multiple options from which you can choose by holding it down. Many of these provide convenient assistance to make creating and positioning elements easier.
  4. Be careful when you clip out a part of the screen that includes text boxes. The duplicate element will still look like the original text box but will not be editable. Avoid doing this with text boxes, where you can, to ensure that it remains clear which elements are editable on the slide.
  5. When you create a presentation from a template, it will have a project name to match. Change this straight away so you don't forget later. This will help you to keep your presentations organised and distinguishable from each other.
  6. You are given 10gb of storage with the app which is accessible through the app's Explain Drive. You can also use other file sharing services by entering 'settings' on the front page of the app via the three dots at the top left of the screen.

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