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Examberry 11+ Non Verbal Reasoning

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About Examberry 11+ Non Verbal Reasoning

The skills needed to complete a Non Verbal Reasoning paper (NVR) are tricky to teach. This app takes a step by step approach to the types of questions commonly used and allows children and parents to see where they went wrong.
Initially, there is an overview of what is required in each key skill. Covering nets, matrices, belongs with, odd one out, next in the series, codes and analogies. Then practice tests leading to a timed (1 hour) mock test implementing all the skills learnt.

Teacher Review

There are quite a few apps teaching Non Verbal Reasoning. For many children it is a difficult area as it is often hard to explain what a question is asking. 11+ Non Verbal Reasoning  - Examberry takes a structured approach and has worked hard to explain both question types and individual questions to give students an insight into how to succeed in this often tricky area of the 11+.
Non Verbal Reasoning was added to the 11+ to test underlying ability. It requires skills in problem solving, fluid thinking and logic to succeed and often children and parents are left with more questions than they started with after a tricky NVR paper!
What is nice about this app is that it is not too flashy, too wordy or too time pressured. Children are encouraged to read explanations about the types of questions and then ‘have a go’. It is really helpful if parents can work along side children to discuss the questions and to read the explanations together. 
When reviewing the answers children click on individual questions where the right answer is shown and the handy ! button explains what the question required you to do. This is a feature often left out of other apps which assume that by showing the right answer, children will automatically understand where they went wrong. 
The mock test allows children to implement the skills they have learnt. Each section is kept separate and explanations are given along the way. The timer allows students an hour to complete the test as this is often the time allocated in the 11+ exam. There is no option to allow extra time which some students may be entitled to. There is only one mock test available on the free version of the app, but further tests can be purchased as required.
Some other useful additions to this app are the ability to rule out wrong answers by double clicking them (a skill that is taught by many 11+ tutors). The ability to pause the mock test and resume is useful. Eye fatigue can be a problem in NVR tests as there are so many little things to look for on an unforgiving black and white format, children should be encouraged to take a break and rest their eyes for a couple of seconds when required.
The app doesn’t try to do too much and what it does it does well. There are few sound effects and children can complete the questions at their own pace without an invasive clock looming over them. One floor is that the screen orientation is fixed so some children will have to turn their device upside down to play. 
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This is one of the only fully interactive 11+ Non-Verbal reasoning apps, with the ability to de-select incorrect answers.

The app provides a Practise mode which your child can use to ensure they understand each question type fully. Whilst in Mock mode a full 80 question mock paper can be attempted against the clock. Additional test papers can be added by in-app purchases. All questions come with simple explanations in addition to just the answer.

Examberry have an exceptional reputation in 11+ entrance exams, providing premium tuition services and this app will give your child a valuable edge in preparing for Non-Verbal Reasoning exams. The app provides excellent experience as these questions are of exceptional quality and have been created by our own Examberry 11+ experts who have a wealth of experience in tutoring children to pass these very competitive 11+ entrance exams.

This app has been specifically designed to provide the type of practice that will help your child to succeed in the Non-Verbal Reasoning tests given by most selective Grammar and Independent schools.

Key Features:
• Practise by Type: gives the opportunity to interactively practice 7 different types of Non-Verbal Reasoning questions. The app also allows you to identify and tackle any areas of weakness and strengths.
• Mock Tests: There is One complete 50 minute Non-Verbal Reasoning tests with 80 questions included with the app. Four additional Test papers are available to purchase.

Learn from your Mistakes:
To get the maximum benefit from the app you should use the ‘Check Incorrect Answers’ button at the end of each test. Take the time to work out exactly where you went wrong and learn from your mistakes.

About Non-Verbal Reasoning Tests:
This app has been prepared to provide practice in Non-Verbal Reasoning. Non-Verbal Reasoning tests involve solving problems based on shapes, symbols and patterns. Non-Verbal Reasoning tests are an important part of the selective process by which Grammar and Independent schools select pupils each year. Check your local schools for specific details of their procedures.

What’s New in Version 1.0:
This is an all new app but the questions have been prepared by our own team of highly experienced tutors and have been tested by students preparing for the 11 plus examinations.

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