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About Exam Pal

‘Exam Pal’ is the perfect app to schedule and plan your otherwise hectic revision schedule. This iOS app is bound to become a daily essential to any student as lessons and timetables can also be plotted for easy rapid reference in-between lessons and breaks. The app is of high quality and has some great features. The app receives a 5 Star EAS Certification.

Teacher Review

The ‘Exam Pal’ app provides students with the ability to track, and record their upcoming exams, homework and to view their school time table. The app is simple to use and can serve as a good point of reference to remember student candidate numbers and exam times for organizational purposes.

Upon launching the application, the user is required to fill out their specific candidate details, and their institution’s specific exam reference code. The user can then choose to enter their school timetable, homework and exam schedule. Once the event type has been selected, the user can then colour code the event so that when the calendar is viewed the user can rapidly identify aspects of their timetable. The process of adding events to the calendar is simple enough however, it might be of benefit to the users if the calendar included a feature to improve searching though the calendar particularly for when a user would like to check when their “Maths” exam is. An additional feature to the app which students will find useful is the ability to check off events such as homework once it has been completed in order to keep track of workload and “To – Do’ lists. The satisfaction in ticking things of lists s immense and really motivating in order to continue with work.

We really the ability to send exam results to parents via the app as students should always feel proud of their accomplishments.  

Another great feature of this app is that it does not collect any external data and does not share anything with third-parties.

One of the keys to success in exams is not just as simple as the knowledge you have but it is also in the how you acquire this knowledge, now on the surface this app may seem like a simple digital planner however the diamond in this app is found in the “Tips” section.  Theses tips include how to create revision plans, time management tips and importantly how to cope with the stress of exams. All these tips are very useful life skills and will help students to get on top of their work and to stay motivated.   

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Android, iPhone


Organisational and Productivity Skills
Life Skills


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***#1 Student Exam/School Organiser & Revision App***

This beautifully designed innovative app is used by students and parents on a daily basis whether it’s checking your timetable, recording homework, tracking and preparing for your exams or storing your results.

“This app takes the pressure right off by letting you plan your revision months in advance without having to wait to get your exam timetable from your teachers” - Kate Russell *****

“All it took was a teacher, his students and an idea - now there’s an app to beat exam stress” - As reviewed in the Times Education Supplement *****

Exam PAL is ideal for:

• Personalise the App with your Name, school/college, candidate/exam number, school/college number
• Create a school/college timetable that displays your next lesson. I week or 2 week timetables available
• Set and schedule homework and events at a simple push of a button, no long winded details or complicated scheduling.
• Create a personal syncing icalendar with easy to view icons and options.
• Create a student exam timetable (months in advance of your school/college releasing exam dates) based on your subjects examination dates as scheduled by awarding bodies AQA, Edexcel, OCR, CCEA, WJEC, SQA, College Board, ATS, Cambridge IE, ACT and International Baccalaureate (IBO).
• Add exams manually for occasions such as mock exams, oral tests or even a driving test!
• Keep track of your past exam results and data at all levels (GCSE , iGCSE, GCE (AS) , Diploma, National Qualification, GNVQ, VCE (A2) , ELC , AEA , FSMQ , STEP levels, SAT, SAT Subjects, OET, IMAT, PSAT, ACT, CLEP, NMSQT, AP and IBAC).
• Add details into your exam such as subject colour coding, notes, venues, alerts, seating numbers and exam day countdown.

•Revision Tips pages include, before the exam, whilst in the exam, revision techniques, top ten revision tips, managing stress, time management, links to past papers, planning your revision and so much more.
•Provides a weekly and monthly revision planner template.
•Your exam queries/fears answered, compiled from 15 years of examination experience.

•Enables you to share your examination thoughts and results with your parents, friends and contacts.
•Sync your devices to allow parents to share homework/assignment dates and deadlines, exam dates and results.
•Share your thoughts with us through social media such as Facebook and Twitter.
•Setting key alerts mean you will never miss an event, homework or exam with our push notification centre.

• Exam Pal is a member of Apple’s Volume Purchase Programme - helping schools purchase the app at a discounted cost. 50% reduction for apps purchased in bulk via our website
• Access exam dates months in advance to help students and teachers plan revision
• Access to key revision tips and guides
• Become one of the many schools replacing schools planners with Exam Pal. Planners are often lost but students rarely lose their mobile devices.
• Exam Pal supports schools by providing links to User Videos, user guides, assembly materials and more.

Due to the variations in ALL exams and specifications this information may not be completely definitive. If you have any queries regarding your examinations in your school/college, ask the person responsible for administrating the Examination process or your teacher/tutor. The ‘Exam PAL’ Application Developers accept no responsibility for exam times that have been changed or administered by the candidate’s school/college or Centre. Candidates are prompted to use this ‘Exam PAL’ Application in conjunction with their personal examination timetables issued by their school/college or Centre. Please read or Terms & Conditions carefully on the app and on our website at

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