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About EWA: Learn English

EWA is an education app that uses TV show and movie clips to teach English phrases and words. You can download the EWA application for iOS and Android devices.

EWA: Learn English Review

EWA is a fun and easy to use app for quick and effective self-study of English and Spanish. The program uses a unique technique that promotes memorization. It allows you to learn a language from scratch or expand your knowledge. To do this, the user does not have to spend a lot of time on tedious cramming, it is enough to devote about 15 minutes daily to classes. A unique pocket tutorial will help you master grammar, understand the principles of constructing sentences, learn a lot of new words and ready-made phrases.

EWA is a personalized English, Spanish or French tutor in your pocket. Every user decides for themselves, how they would like to learn language, at what level and at what pace.

With Ewa you can improve your English reading skills with books that include real time translations. The free EWA English learning app allows you to learn English vocabulary in a tap. A plus point is that EWA also focuses on listening comprehension with clips from popular TV shows. Furthermore, this app to learn English contains conversational vocabulary, interactive exercises and many more fun and challenging tasks.

EWA is probably the best app to speak English fluently as it comes with various online speaking courses. It also has over 1000+ English books to read, well, that’s a lot considering you dedicating an hour or two to learn English on daily basis.

Is the EWA app free?

The EWA app is the perfect way to learn the language of the future. Not only is it free, but it uses a technique called “interactive language learning,” which is an effective way to learn languages quickly.

Features of the EWA app

  • Using a unique and effective teaching methodology.
  • Many courses designed for different levels of knowledge.
  • Large selection of books and audio materials with translation.
  • Participation in games and interactive dialogues.
  • Tens of thousands of flashcards.

You can download the EWA application for iOS and Android devices.

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Android, iPad, iPhone






Communication Skills


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You can download EWA: Learn English on your iOS or Android devices from the app stores. Download the EWA: Learn English app from the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store.

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