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About Everyday Objects | ColorCards

The store rooms of those teachers who help to develop speech and language skills have always been discernible by the arrays of objects and flash cards to act as a starting point for discussion.  This app compresses these talking prompts into the slim size of an iPad. 

Everyday Objects | ColorCards Review

There are many ways of scrolling through photographs and pictures on an iPad so this smartly designed app offers features and qualities that lift it above the make-do methods you may already be using.  Firstly, amassing a collection of photographs, clear in their purpose and pleasant to look at on an iPad screen, is not the easiest thing to do.  The photographs in this app justify the claims of the developer that they have been tried and tested, with both adults and children, to provide a clear, stimulating and varied focus for speech and language therapy and development.  They manage this as well as being aesthetically pleasing too.  You can also use your own photographs for when you have a specific talking point not otherwise covered by the app.
This is an app most at home when used by an educator employing it as a prompt for developing a targeted skill or ability of a student.   There are two modes of use.  The general mode goes through a group of the pictures, selected by the educator, to support reaching the learning outcome.  The other mode is to be used the same way but reveals the pictures in small parts at a time by peeling back the covers and in doing so provides a different type of talking prompt.
As well as being able to track whether a student met their learning objective, with or without help, the discussion can be recorded within the app to review later.  Recognising the heavy administrative and record keeping pressures that teachers are usually placed under, this app offers a welcome facility to ease this load.  Students’ activity with the app is monitored, including when and for how long an activity was undertaken, accuracy, difficulty level and further notes.  These can all be emailed in PDF form to any chosen email address.  Alongside this data the recordings can also be found for reviewing and preserving progress.
The number of facilities, high quality images and slick presentation do come with a large memory footprint that is, to be fair, unavoidable.  Teachers will need to be aware of this if they like to keep a plethora of apps on their device especially as its size will only grow as the sound recording features are used.  
Between cards a very well rendered animation is played and these intersperse the pictures well. Unfortunately, while they can be switched off completely, both educators and students may find themselves wishing they could be skipped with a tap, when they are on, as they will be used to in other apps featuring cut scenes.  While the app is easy to use, the large amount of settings, as well as its student tracking features, may require some explanation and the app incudes a detailed and clearly written user guide built into it.
With so many apps focussing on students learning by themselves it is great to see an app that includes a teacher in the process.   For those teachers whose lessons often revolve around flashcards they will find this an app that supports and includes their input into the development of their student’s skills.

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Cognitive Development
Communication Skills


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Speechmark Publishing LTD

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