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About Essential Nursing Vocabulary

ESSENTIAL NURSING VOCABULARY is an app aimed at users who either want to become nurses or who want to know the most important vocabulary used in the medical field and to be able to understand it. The app has been created by a developer who already has a number of apps in the vocabulary field and so is aware of the ways in which users best learn vocab. Using the same method of delivery as their other apps there is definitely a sense of familiarity between the apps and although this app is slightly different, in terms of who it is aimed at, the same methods still apply in the best ways to learn and remember key vocabulary.

The app utilises a piano in its design with white and black keys working together to deliver the learning and to check on understanding through a series of tests. The information itself is delivered in a way that utilises a number of different methods from flash card style learning with diagrams to animations and engaging videos. This means that it can cater for all different types of learning. The app, as with the other apps from the same developer, utilises their own patented associative method which is a multisensory method which can be highly intensive to aid the users learning.

Although it is specific in its content, i.e. towards medical professionals, this doesn’t mean that the app can’t be used by anyone else who has a interest in knowing and understanding the medical terms. I am not in the medical profession myself however I found the app to be illuminating and have learnt a large amount about the body from using it.

Essential Nursing Vocabulary Review

What is Essential Nursing Vocabulary app?

ESSENTIAL NURSING VOCABULARY is an app that aims to support those users who are wishing to learn the most important words and their meanings in the medical world. Although the name of the app suggests that it is solely for nurses this is definitely not the fact. All the words that are included are the most important words in the medical world so anyone in medicine, or who has an interest in this area would certainly benefit from using it. The app uses a series of multi-sensory ways to engage the learner and to teach them the words and their meanings and then includes a test feature where they are able to check on their understanding and progress to allow the user to adapt any future learning.

What we love about Essential Nursing Vocabulary?

There are a number of really good things about the app, in fact it’s difficult to not like everything about it. However, I think the way the app delivers the learning is probably the best thing for me. It utilises a number of different methods and ways that aims to mix up the learning, and make it so it’s not monotonous and doesn’t detract from users wanting to access the app.

What skills does it improve?

Essential Nursing Vocabulary aims to improve the user’s knowledge and use of the most important terms in the medical professional. Whether this is for someone who is actually practising in this field or wants to or for someone who just has an interest they will learn all the key vocabulary and importantly know how to use it correctly.

What age is it appropriate for?

ESSENTIAL NURSING VOCABULARY app I would suggest is aimed at users at the upper end of the age spectrum. As it is quite a niche and specific app it would mainly be useful at 17 or above and the developers themselves have also pitched it around these ages.

Is Essential Nursing Vocabulary easy to use?

For the user the app is incredibly easy to use and access.

How will students benefit?

Students will benefit from being able to access an app that will build their range of language skills around the most important terms in the medical industry. It will allow them to learn specific elements of the language and vocabulary through the targeted learning and testing.

How will teachers benefit?

This will only be beneficial to teachers of students on medical courses. If this is the case then the app will allow them to target students to learn specific vocab that is going to be vital for them to know and learn. It might also be useful to encourage students to utilise this app before starting their courses to give them prior knowledge of the key vocab that will used.

How will parents benefit?

This will only be beneficial to parents who have children enrolled on medical courses and if this is the case it will allow them to know that there is an app that support their child’s knowledge and understanding the of the key vocab that they will be using in their course.

What Essential Nursing Vocabulary can improve on?

The one thing that I think could be improved upon slightly is the overall look of some aspects of the app. This is definitely being ‘picky’ but in terms of elevating the app I think there could be some aspects that could be improved. Little things such as shortening the overly long URL links in the ‘app info’ section and maybe displaying the words in the Lexicon section so it looks more interactive could certainly give a different dimension to the app.

How much does Essential Nursing Vocabulary cost?


What is included with the free version vs. paid?

There is no free version of the app

Is Essential Nursing Vocabulary safe to use.

ESSENTIAL NURSING VOCABULARY app content is completely child-friendly and contains no content that could be considered in the website and appropriate or unsafe for children.

Overall rating of the website and app

ESSENTIAL NURSING VOCABULARY app has received a 5 star EAS rating and this is due to the premise of the app and the learning within it.

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