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About Essayist - APA, MLA & More

Essayist is an iOS app for students to write APA & MLA Style papers. It takes care of all the formatting, from page set-up, font, font size, line spacing, alignment, page numbering, title, etc. to in-text citations & references.

Essayist - APA, MLA & More Review

What do we like about Essayist?

You may compose APA & MLA essays with ease using Essayist. Essayist takes care of everything, including in-text citations, references, and page setup. It makes the process of academic writing a great deal easier.

What skills does it improve?

Your formatting is handled by the essayist. It sets up the title section/page, margins, font, line spacing, alignment, page headers/footers, etc. when a new essay is started. It formats all of your references, in-text citations, graphics, and tables.

What age is it appropriate for?

Essayist is appropriate for all ages. 

Is Essayist free?

Essayist is free to download on all iOS devices. 

Is Essayist easy to use?

While you write, Essayist will format everything for you automatically. It will set up the title section/page, margins, font, line spacing, alignment, page headers/footers, and more when generating a new east. Formatting will be used for references, in-text citations, figures, tables, and more. They are added and listed in the works cited section. When writing a paper, you can also export it as a Word or PDF document for simple sharing.

How will students benefit?

Using the built-in search function in Essayist, Google Scholar, or manual entry forms, you can add references quickly and easily. References are automatically structured and added to the list of works cited in your essay after they are added.

When you are going to input an in-text citation, Essayist will automatically recognise it and provide a list of all your references. To cite a source, just tap it, then carry on writing. Currently, Essayist supports the two citation formats that are most frequently used. 

How will teachers benefit?

Your writing can be exported from Essayist to Word or PDF. You can write without interruptions using Essayist's straightforward UI. Those buttons in other word processors that you seldom use were eliminated.

You can include an abstract and appendices in your essay using Essayist. You may effortlessly add figures and tables using Essayist, and it assists you with all the information you need (caption, title, numbering, notes, etc).

What can Essayist improve on?

There is nothing much negative to remark on.

How much does Essayist cost?

Essayist is available at the cost of $4.99 per month. 

Final thoughts

Essayist was created with simplicity in mind. The "essay criteria" have been removed by the folks behind this application. Instead, we have a clean, flawlessly organised canvas on which we may start writing without interruptions. Pressing a button adds works cited or bibliography instantly. The app supports chapters from books, periodicals, journals, websites, movies, etc. You can easily include these references as in-text citations with the touch of a button thanks to the user-friendly OS.

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Download Essayist - APA, MLA & Morefor iOS

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