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ESET Parental Control for Android protects children who are using smartphones and tablets, and does so in a child-friendly way. It shields them from inappropriate or offensive online content by completely blocking access to select website categories. A more liberal mode makes it possible to just monitor the child’s website visits, or following a request, to unblock an app or website that was previously banned. In addition, a useful tool with kids − parents can keep control over the length of time spent using apps or gaming, or block inappropriate apps altogether based on the child’s maturity level. In an emergency, a parent can locate the child based on his/her device that’s connected to the Internet. 

Teacher Review

ESET Parental Control is a more fully-featured parental control app that takes a comprehensive approach to keeping young kids safe online. It uses age-based filters to manage which apps your child can and cannot access. It also blocks age-inappropriate websites and website categories. You can set time limits for the app and games that your child is allowed to use, and you can check the location of your child’s device or send a message that they must acknowledge before they continue using the device.

Key Features

Web Guard - The app automatically blocks predefined website categories, such as adult or offensive content, based on the child’s age. You can decide to block additional categories or specific website addresses (URLs).

Time-based app control - Set maximum usage time for the given day, and prohibit access to non-essential apps and utilities during specific hours – such as during sleep time or school time.

Monitoring-only mode for apps - Switch to monitoring-only mode for app categories and specific apps when you don’t want to automatically block apps based on the ESET Parental Control for Android categories.

Parental message - Contact the children via an onscreen message sent to their mobile device. They must acknowledge that they’ve read and understood your message before they can continue to use the device.

Child locator - Check the child’s current location at any time via This feature displays the location of any and all of the kids’ devices connected to the Internet. 

One family = One license - Each license is linked with account, with the same credentials used to activate the application on all children’s and parent devices. In addition, the portal serves as a hub for managing the app and reports.

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Hello! You’re just one tap away from installing ESET Parental Control - an app designed to protect children using tablets and smartphones in a child-friendly way, now supporting wearables.

Buy a PREMIUM license to get access to even more exciting features and protect your entire family.

We all know that as a parent, it is not easy to set the boundaries for your child – that also holds true for the online world. Don’t worry, you are not alone in this: did you know that 9 out of 10 parents think that their children aren’t ready to explore all mobile apps and websites? (Survey conducted by ESET in 2015).

Our goal is to give you the confidence to safeguard you children when using smartphones and tablets in this enticing digital era.

List of most visited domains - Shows you the top visited websites
Web Guard - Simply enter the child’s age, and categories such as gambling and pornography are blocked automatically
Monitoring-only Mode for Websites - Gives you the option not to block content right away

Application Guard - Blocking - Provides you with extra peace of mind by showing suitable apps for your children based on the Google Play content rating
Time-based App Control - Allows you to set maximum usage time for the given day or to prevent access to certain categories during school or bed time
Monitoring-only Mode for Apps - Oversee which apps your child uses without blocking access to them
Wearables Support - Respond to all notifications directly from your wrist.

Child-centered Interface and Communication — Our child-friendly interface uses respectful tone and each time explains to your kid what is happening and why
Unblock Request — Because good parenting is a two-way street, if a website or an app is blocked, your or maximum daily time budget is over, kid can send you a request to unblock it. It will arrive in your inbox, as a notification on, on your smartphone, tablet or smart watch.

Parental Message — Children might be busy sometimes and forget to let you know where they happen to be or what’s keeping them. Contact them using onscreen message which they have to read to continue using the device.
Child Locator — Not sure of their whereabouts? Find your kid’s location from anywhere via, or directly from your smartphone or tablet

We know, that there is always something to improve, but please notice that our app might be rated by kids as well and we have to concede that not all of them are always happy that our app filters what they may find interesting content, but happens not to be right for them.

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