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Equate Formula Solver

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Teacher Overview

This is a one of a kind app, which is really well executed and a great student tool. The app deserves an EAS Certification of 5 Stars and subsequently receives EAS Recommended Status. 

Teacher Review

If you’re a teacher or student looking for an app that teaches the main equations for primary and secondary level Maths, Physics and Chemistry, then we’ve found exactly what you’re looking for. When you open up the equate app, you are taken to a landing page which displays 3 videos in which the creator of the app, the slightly eccentric Bez, introduces the app and walks you through some of the ways to use it. 

The concept of the app is that for any of the formulas included, you can input your own data and wok out the answers in an instant. This means that you can effectively re-arrange the formulas depending on your data.  When you go to the Menu screen you can choose between maths, Physics and Chemistry to the browse listed formulas.

Formulas range from simpler equations, such as area of a rectangle to more advance topics like Standard Deviation. If you want to work out the cost of a tip, you just input the item price and percentage tip. On the flipside, If you know the tip and want to work out how much of a percentage of price it represents, you just enter tip value and price. That’s the great thing about this app.... Everything is so easy to re-arrange.

Once you’ve solved an equation you’re then presented with an easy and hard practice question and answer. There’s also a link to the Wiki page of the relevant subject matter.

You can favourite your most used formulas, and with over 200 formulas in the app this is a handy feature.

We can’t fault this app and have awarded it 5 stars in our Certification. In terms of improvements, we’d like to see more practice questions and possibly in an update, or follow - on app, a section for teachers to give them ideas about how to use the app in the classroom.

We’re very impressed by Bez and his app and think that you’ll feel the same way. The app is free for until the end of the academic year, so downloading this one is a real ‘no brainer’. 

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Developer Description

Equate is a formula solver developed by nerds who appreciate the wonderful world of Math, Physics and Chemistry! Conquer formulas with ease using our state of the art formula solvers! Equate is the most extensive formula solver in the App Store with aesthetically pleasing features. Equate is the ONLY all in one (Math,Physics,Chemistry) formula calculator you will ever need....

Study with Equate to dominate!

- Built-in unit convertors
- MathJax enabled, allowing for user input displays.
- Unique practice problems with answers to help you study for tests!
- Unique "learn it" section to further your learning!
- Formula manipulation to help you check your homework!
- Equation search function to find your desired formula.
- Wiki linked for an enhanced reference guide.
- Science quotes to keep the brain juices flowing!
- Favourite your formula of choice for easy access.
- Nerd Out! section that displays all the formulas.
- Share your new found knowledge with friends and students (SMS/Twitter/Facebook)
- Take advantage of more than 200 formulas.
- New formulas added every week!
- Universal App (iPhone, iPad)
- Student interaction (email us to be featured in the app!)
- Nerdy instructional videos!

Equate can be used by students, teachers and tutors. Here are some of the scientific goodness that Equate provides! Used by students and teachers worldwide!

Physics | Einstein to Newton...we got you covered
- Average Acceleration
- Average Speed
- Average Velocity
- Centripetal Acceleration and Force
- Energy
- Friction
- Hooke’s Law
- Impulse
- Kinematic Equation 1
- Kinematic Equation 2
- Kinematic Equation 3
- Kinematic Equation 4
- Kinetic Energy
- Momentum
- Newton’s Second Law
- Potential Energy
- Power
- Pressure
- Projectile Motion and Magnitude
- Work

Chemistry | My name is Bond, IONIC BOND!
- Boyle’s Law
- Charles’s Law
- Ideal Gas Law
- Ohm’s Law

Math | Imaginary numbers are like imaginary friends!
- Circle Area
- Circle Perimeter
- Cube Surface Area
- Cube Volume
- Law of Sines
- Law of Cosine
- Parallelogram Area
- Pythagorean Theorem
- Rectangle Perimeter
- Quadratic Formula
- Sphere Surface Area
- Square Area
- Triangle Area
- Triangle Perimeter
- Statistical Variance

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