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About Equate Formula Solver

Equate is an app which collates a library of over 400 useful equations spanning across several subjects, and enables the user to initially solve problems, and then challenge themselves with questions to apply their understanding and to build confidence in using these formulas. Equate formulas cover Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry and Economics, and are suitable for a variety of age ranges dependent on the subject specifications taught. The app is supported by individual Youtube links specific to the equation chosen and Wikipedia pages to help the user expand on their understanding and offer instant support.

Equate Formula Solver Review

Equate is an educational app which allows students to develop their use, understanding and manipulation of common equations. The first seven days of the app are free and after that there is a subscription cost which differs depending on the package selected.

When accessing the app, users are first asked to sign in via google or Facebook accounts; this appears to be to create a user profile rather than to store any personal or specific data. On opening the app, users are presented with a vibrant orange screen, pleasant visuals, and an explanation video detailing the key features of the programme. The video is engaging and enthusiastic, using friendly language, which creates initial engagement and draws the user in. The homepage has three information tabs at the top of the screen which make navigation simple. Feedback can be found in the top left hand corner which allows you to immediately send an email requesting support or guidance. The settings tab allows users to log in and out and, after your free trial, choose a subscription package. Finally the ‘About’ tab provides information about the app including ideas for further development, how to use the app effectively, moving visuals, and customer reviews.  

Accessing the main area of the app is via an eye catching blue ‘Menu’ icon. This takes users to a new page where they are presented with a variety subjects to choose from, including Maths, Economics, Chemistry and Physics. Clicking a subject takes users to a list of all available formulas provided by the app; alternatively users can be specific and use the ‘Search’ icon to find a desired equation.

Once users have found the formula they require, they are encouraged to enter data into the broken down equation for the app to calculate the answer – this would be incredibly useful when completing tasks, without the need to use a calculator. Beyond this function, users are presented with a selection of hard/easy questions to further develop their understanding of the equations beyond just inputting data. This ensures users are aware of how to use the equations and can practice their application skills to further develop their understanding.

A useful aspect to each chosen formula page is a link to a helpful Youtube Video and/or Wikipedia page. This gives the user instant additional information for further practice and understanding of the formula chosen. Further to this users are able to ‘Favourite’ particularly useful or important equations to their own library, for ease in relocating these pages. This allows for users to create their own personalised area and speed up location and use of these formulas.

Equate does have a website that reiterates the information displayed in the app itself, with the addition of connecting links to its Facebook, Youtube and Instagram accounts. These hold useful information about updates and development of the app and further areas for contact/feedback.

From an academic stand point the usefulness of this app is good for collating lots of formulas and to find quick solutions of given problems. It supports users in developing their application skills around given equations by stretching and challenging them with further questions to complete. The app covers a wide range of subjects and ages and thus has large application possibilities. To improve further, an option to input the answers to the provided questions and a way of keeping track of incorrect/correct values would add a competitive dimension to the app, especially if this could be shared between users via their individual log in’s.  I think the app is worthy of a four star rating, and has enormous potential to grow beyond the subjects and equations already offered.

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Android, iPad, iPhone




Critical Thinking
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