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About EpicMem++ Memory Training

EpicMem++ provides a memory challenge that gradually increases in difficulty to develop and protect players' memories. A neuroscientist has designed the game within EpicMem++ to train episodic memory using Paired Associated Learning.

The app is fully functional during a free trial of either one week or one month, depending upon your choice of potential subscription. The app is available on iOS devices and works well on phone-sized screens.

EpicMem++ Memory Training Review

What is EpicMem++ app?

EpicMem++ is a brain training app with a soothing beach theme.

Evidence suggests that memory loss is not an inevitable part of ageing. What we can do to prevent or limit it is less clear-cut. Health, lifestyle, and genetics may all play a role, so adopting a healthy diet and exercise routine are sensible choices.

Brain training may fit into this too. It could be that training one's brain gives it a higher starting point to minimise any noticeable decline. There may be an element of use-it-or-lose-it which means testing and stretching your mental faculties could protect them from a reduction in the way that weight training can preserve muscle strength as we age.

Studies show different degrees of benefit, but a common theme is that mental exercise certainly has no detrimental effects and may have positive results. Without more study, we cannot say for sure. Sadly, the funding for such research lags behind the need for it.

EpicMem++ has been developed by a neuroscientist who believes the evidence for training a specific memory subtype is compelling. This app provides guided training.

As part of your mental exercise, you can research slowing or reversing memory decline. EpicMem++ links papers and reports discussing the evidence and studies behind the app's approach.

EpicMem++ provides a long pathway of increasingly challenging memory activities. They all follow a similar structure where you must match a symbol to one given by the app. The challenge comes from the possible answers only being shown briefly on-screen and the balloons attached to them constantly moving.

Players must remember which picture goes with each balloon and track how they move on-screen. As the app progress, the load placed on the player's memory increases, reflecting their growing ability to recall the correct response.

EpicMem++ supports English, Spanish, and French speakers.

What we love about EpicMem++ app.

Focussing on challenges is an effective way to be in the moment and stop worrying. As well as giving your brain a workout, brain-training games are sometimes used as mindfulness tools. EpicMem++ suits this very well with its calming beach-themed visuals, which exude tropical warmth even when a penguin is front and centre.

The game feels simple, but the memory challenge is pronounced. Holding the images and their corresponding balloons in memory while they float around the screen feels only just within the player's grasp.

However, the next level increases the challenge a little, and this also feels only slightly within the player's capability. There is certainly an improvement that accompanies progression through the app.

What skills does it teach?

EpicMem++ does not focus on specific educational goals, but its activities encourage players to hone their concentration, thinking, and problem-solving skills

What age is it appropriate for?

EpicMem++'s challenge is suitable for elementary-aged kids and above, but they are not its target audience, and they will likely find it lacks the variety and graphical effects of the games they play.

Older kids and adults are more suited if they feel it helps improve their memories.

Is EpicMem++ app easy to use?

The app is straightforward to use, with a simple set of options. The memory challenge is self-explanatory, so you can play it soon after downloading. The app works well on phone-sized devices as the balloons are large enough not to be tricky to tap. It will make a good distraction for teachers, older kids, and other adults on their commute.

How will students benefit?

Kids aren't so likely to have concerns about their memories. EpicMem++ requires concentration and focus but does not come with the stimulation of games, so it could be a calming activity for some kids.

How will parents benefit?

EpicMem++ is an app that people may want to recommend to older relatives as a simple-to-learn app that could help protect their memories.

How will teachers benefit?

Improved memory in the present and a better-protected memory for the future are something we'd all like, and this app offers the possibility of achieving them. Add in the required focus, and the app provides some level of mindfulness to distract you from the stresses of the classroom.

How much does EpicMem++ app cost?

You can download EpicMem++ for free, but you need to choose which subscription option you would like to select before taking advantage of the free trial. If you choose a monthly subscription, you'll get a one-week trial. If you prefer a yearly subscription, you'll enjoy considerable savings and have a one-month free trial.

Is EpicMem++ app safe to use?

EpicMem++ does not ask for personal details, and its short privacy policy states that it does not gather any from your device. No advertisements are shown in the app during the free trial period.

What can EpicMem++ app improve on?

It would benefit the app to have some extra variety in the form of additional one-off challenges or another accompanying pathway. The science behind the app might not require another activity style, but players tend to expect a little more variety from a subscription.

Overall rating of the app.

Engaging our brains makes many of us feel better and provides a stress-relieving diversion. You can decide during the free trial whether you are being rewarded with general memory improvements or becoming better at this game. Ultimately, while the value you place upon brain training depends upon your take on the scientific evidence, it doesn't really change the conclusions of this review.

EpicMem++ does not have the most varied selection of challenges of the available brain-training apps, but it is undoubtedly one of the most keenly priced puzzle apps out there if you choose the annual option. If you're not playing it for entertainment, but for the benefits a daily session may provide, it doesn't matter.

We recommend you try this app with a yearly subscription. You have one month to try it without commitment, which allows you to see if you'll stick with it and how much you feel its benefits. If you find the memory training beneficial and decide to keep the app, it will be for long-term use, so the cheaper yearly option makes sense.

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