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About EpicMem-Brain Training

EpicMem-Brain Training has been created by a neuroscientist to enhance a memory skill that is sensitive to ageing.  It provides a fun mental workout for players of any age and is available on iOS devices.

A free version of EpicMem-Brain Training is available to try out with the full package available through different durations of subscription.  It is the full version of EpicMem-Brain Training app under review here. 

Teacher Review

What is EpicMem-Brain Training app?

EpicMem-Brain Training is a memory game which is designed to exercise a particular aspect of memory. The game is a variation on matching pairs but it is significantly different from the usual mechanic used in such games. 

In this case, a few of the selectable cards have their faces briefly revealed. Next, a centre card is revealed and players must remember which of the cards shown earlier match the centre one. It is quite a challenge as players must not only remember which of the cards have been revealed but also which one has the specific symbol required. 

What we love about EpicMem-Brain Training?

EpicMem-Brain Training has a clean and clear presentation style that looks good on phones, especially. Its challenge is absorbing and it does stretch your powers of memory - especially as the levels progress. 

The app is easy to pick up and put down whenever you have a free moment for a mental workout.   

What skills does it improve?

The impact of brain training on memory and cognition is still uncertain - this is an ongoing field of research. There is some research available, though, and the app's website provides you with a selection of evidence from which to start forming your opinion.   

The papers referenced by the app's website look at two different claims for brain training. The first is that intellectual engagement throughout life might lift memory and cognition to a higher point from which a decline in old age might begin. The other is that brain training can halt or reverse a decline in mental functions. 

The papers provide a balanced viewpoint and are well worth a read. They acknowledge the shortage of available research but provide useful insights into the thinking on the part of experts in this field who have looked more closely at Brain Training.  

A sentence in the British Medical Journal, listed in the app's references, seems to provide a good summary of the scientific status of brain training so far: 

"Evidence for the efficacy of these programmes is limited so far, but the intentions appear laudable with no apparent ill effects." 

In other words, brain training might work or it might not, but it will do no harm. In this light, EpicMem-Brain Training is a fun way to pass the time, it won't hurt, and maybe it will do some good. Take a look at the linked research and form your own opinion.   

What age is it appropriate for?

People of any age can play EpicMem-Brain Training. The puzzle is simple enough for all ages to understand and its presentation is neither aimed at young or old.   

Is EpicMem-Brain Training easy to use?

EpicMem-Brain Training starts off with a brief tutorial which explains all that players need to know. The rules and how to play are simple, even if the challenge of the puzzle can become intense. 

How will students benefit?

While the app's stated benefits have older people in mind, brain-training puzzles are still good exercises for children. They help to encourage persistence and deeper thinking. They can be calming too and work well as activities to place between a high-energy activity and a lesson such as maths. 

How will teachers benefit?

EpicMem-Brain Training provides a quick-to-play and thoughtful method of exercising students' thinking skills. It could be a useful app to have on class devices for filling in spare time or for use during guided-play-style activities. 

How will parents benefit?

Many games have violence or quick reactions at their heart. EpicMem-Brain Training entertains and occupies without recourse to either of these, which makes it a pleasant alternative to have available on a phone for long journeys and other times when children look for something to occupy themselves. 

What EpicMem-Brain Training can improve on? 

Some people might be content to stick with the single puzzle type of EpicMem-Brain Training but others will miss variety. Some other styles of challenge would feel like added value in the app. 

How much does EpicMem-Brain Training cost?

EpicMem-Brain Training is a subscription app. You can start with a fully-featured free trial and then extend it by choosing and paying for a subscription period. 

What is included with the free version vs. paid?

The full content of the app is available until the trial period ends so you can evaluate the app without any risk. There is plenty of time for you to see whether you like it and feel it could help you hone your mental sharpness. If EpicMem-Brain Training suits your needs, you can choose one of the subscription periods available. 

Is EpicMem-Brain Training safe to use?

The EpicMem-Brain Training app is safe for all ages to use. It contains no advertisements or content unsuitable for children.   

Overall rating of the app

If you are looking for a brain-training app, specifically one that focusses on memory, EpicMem-Brain Training could be what you are looking for. The merits of such training are not clear cut but it is satisfying to see your memory in this style of puzzle, at least, improve as you progress through the levels. It looks at its best on iPhone and the free trial gives you a risk-free means to try EpicMem-Brain Training out, and, if you like a challenge, you definitely should.

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EpicMem© trains a subtype of memory known to be particularly sensitive to ageing.

EpicMem© is designed by a neuroscientist to train visuo-spatial episodic memory using the well tested and scientifically validated system of paired associated learning (PAL). PAL has been used in memory research for over a century and is also used in neuropsychological tests, and brain-training. This classical memory paradigm involves the pairing of two items, in this case with the help of a cue (cued recall).

Episodic memory is a subtype of memory known to be particularly susceptible to normal aging but also particularly susceptible in pathological conditions associated with memory loss. For example, episodic memory deficits are the first noticeable symptom of early Alzheimer’s Disease. Making training episodic memory is an important focus area for cognitive health.

Episodic memory comprises of the what, where & when in personally experienced events. Mentally reliving past events “mental time travel” it involves remembering a particular life episode, such as sharing a meal with a friend, remembering what you had for breakfast that morning, the suit you wore for last night’s party. These are all consciously recollected memories related to personally experienced events.

Disruptions in episodic memory can manifest in everyday life scenarios as misplacing keys, missing appointments and more critically, events such as leaving the cooker on or forgetting to take medication. The impact of memory loss can have an enormous effect on you and your family’s wellbeing and quality of life through loss of valuable memories and disruptions of activities of daily living.

Memory is an important cognitive process that is essential to day-to-day functioning. Deficits in memory are the most common cognitive complaint in the aging population. With impairments in memory leading to changes in cognitive skills/brain function.

There is growing evidence to support cognitive & memory training as safe and affordable ways to maintain mental function in adults.

The key to maintaining function is, neuroplasticity. The brain can adapt both structurally and functionally throughout life, from early childhood to later in life and even in those with neurodegenerative disorders.

Changes in memory are preceded by neuronal loss long before symptoms become evident, so implementing preventetive strategies early on is of paramount importance.

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