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Epic Maths

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About Epic Maths

Epic Maths is an application available on the iOS and Android platform and is an educational app ideal for ages 11 and above. The app is the perfect application for testing your Maths knowledge by solving questions. The application is a question generating engine and shares a variety of Maths topics. The app is free from in-app adverts and in-app purchases and is currently free.

Teacher Review

Upon opening the app, the user is greeted with a simple Home screen that has four main categories. These include Algebra, Number and tools, Shapes and Statistics. The developer may want to include some indication of the current level of this application here. We are unsure whether this is for Key Stage 3, 4 or 5.

Within these menus are a number of sub categories:

Algebra – Surds, Simultaneous Equations, Quadratic Expressions, Completing the square.

Numbers & Tools – Percentages, Pythagoras Theorem, Trigonometry, Sine and Cosine rules.

Shapes – Area, Volume, Surface Area.

Statistics – Coming soon!

Once a topic has been chosen such as ‘Shapes and Area’ the user is shown further sub categories such as ‘Triangle’, ‘Parallelogram’, ‘Trapezium’ and ‘Circles’.

The app developers can be congratulated on the vast content within this application. Once the user has settled on a topic they wish to be tested on the app displays a simple clear question format that is easy to read and follow. An example is shown and the user is asked to generate a question. It is noted that this is a question generating app rather than an app with a set amount of questions, enabling endless playtime.

The developers should consider showing a working sample (with numbers) or a hint button to help the user. If an incorrect answer is given a cross is shown. If a correct answer is given the app shows a brain icon. We like the simple format of the application but the developers should consider a scoring system for each topic to show progress or areas that need further work.  A single attempt at a question may not always be satisfying for a user. An answer reveal or a hint could be a welcomed addition. How about adding a satisfying sound for a correct answer?

The application may also benefit from a link to the external website and in-app instructions. The graphics are colourful and clear and enhance the navigation of the apps menus systems and buttons.

This is a good app that not only encourages the user to practice their maths skills but also covers a vast range of topics. The developers can be highly commended for the amount of research and dedication it has taken to create such a varied question generating application. We welcome the fact that more topics will be added in the future and with a few minor additions this could be an excellent application. 

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Iman Mirzaie

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Screenshots for Epic Maths

  • Epic MathsEpic MathsEpic MathsEpic Maths


Epic Maths is a perfect application for you to test your Maths knowledge by solving questions!

Epic Maths does not contain pre-defined questions, However it has a question generating engine built in which generates millions of different questions. This way you never have to worry about text books with repeating questions or websites with unprofessional questions.

A great tool for teachers to design exam questions for their students, you never have to spend hours making questions, with Epic Maths you can do it in minutes.

Epic Maths is constantly updating to bring a wide variety of topics for you

There are topics available on:

Mathematical Tools
Graphs (Coming Soon)
Statistics (Coming Soon)

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