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From the Developer

What if we could inspire our children to find the EPIC in the everyday?
Opening their eyes to imagination, creativity and possibilities...
Opening the door to adventure.
** Introducing 'Havoc in a Hippo’, a delightfully digital story of two brothers. One magic door. A potato. And a hippo named Daphne. **

Join Oscar and Hugo as they embrace curiosity and embark on a trip into the unknown - meeting strange new friends, tackling their fears - as they dare to explore a bizarre new world (all WITHOUT the need for any frantic button mashing!).

Is it a gooey, roller-coaster ride of a kids adventure story? Oh yes, oh yes indeedy.

• At 6 chapters, 55 pages and around 3500 words, it’s over twice the size of a standard children's interactive story.
• 'Creative activities' feature at the end of every chapter, creating natural ‘screen time’ pause points.
• Activities include making a 'Light Box Tunnel', your very own 'King Pots' (he’s a very cheeky chappy!), catching 'Butterflies' and a lovely dessert of 'Vampire Slug Jelly'!
• Creativity and exploration lie at the heart of this Epic Adventure, whilst the thought-provoking narrative provides a natural backdrop for further discussion and an experience that can be shared by all the family, no matter the age.


• We created it as a transition for children that are more prone to play games than read books > helping to use their ‘screen time’ in a more productive manner.
• It bridges the often scary gap between picture books and chapter books.
• Atmosphere is kept high (top quality illustration, sound and animation) - whilst interaction is used to create accents only – nothing too distracting from the story.
• This isn't a mish-mash of games, puzzles and things to spot. It's a STORY BOOK at it's core. Delivered for a digital world.

===>> All meaning that your child's attention is kept where it should be. On reading.

** Download now and fuel your child’s spirit for adventure **


Your privacy and that of your family is paramount to us. See here for our policy: www.theepicadventurers.com/app-privacy-policy
And if you’ve any questions please do contact us on: info@throughthedoorproductions.com


Set to be one of this year's top children's stories, you’ll be pleased to hear it’s not a one off. We’re in the process of creating a multiverse of awesomeness – with both digital and printed books planned, along with an Adventurers Club that’ll provide even more real world activities for your family to take part in.

For more information keep up-to-date on our website: www.theepicadventurers.com


Although we’ve aimed this book at the 6-8 age group, it’s accessibility makes for a versatile learning product relevant to both younger and older children alike:

• For age 5 and under, this would make perfect bedtime reading with a parent, with each chapter a very definite finishing point for the night. Or of course it could make for a great weekend adventure, with craft activities tying the whole experience together for the family. Imagine a morning reading together and then making an incredible cardboard tunnel filled with strange light... re-enacting Oscar and Hugo’s mysterious explorations... Awesome! :)
• For an older child, in the 9+ age category, the phraseology and use of wording may not necessarily be a stretch for some, but the creative concepts explored and values driven narrative makes for an overall positive learning experience.

This is the first in a range of products we’re putting together to help parents influence how screen time is spent by their children - helping establish healthy behaviours within the family by fuelling their children’s spirit for adventure.

>> Download today and add Epic Adventures to your toolbox <<
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