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About Entreprenaws

The founding of businesses receives a lot of media coverage.  Children who see this and think that they might like to learn about what is involved can turn to this app.  With it, they can learn about the challenges of being an entrepreneur.

Entreprenaws Review

Many teachers use everyday situations to teach different concepts.  Shopping is one that often makes an appearance in numeracy lessons.  It is rare, however, to go beyond the point of sale and giving of change.  Entreprenaws skips this part but goes deeper instead. This business education app for children is all about the experience that leads up to sales, or not, if it all goes wrong.
The first-time player of Entreprenaws might feel some confusion as they begin the smoothie enterprise.  There is a tutorial that tells you how to do different things but not why you might want to do them.  So you click on things, adjust things and... see your business fail.
You try again.  You notice that there are a few clues.  The little people milling around your stall can give you a little feedback about why they are not buying your wares: your flavours that you created on a whim are all wrong.  Back to the shop.
At last, you go get a sale.  Oh.  That's all the stock gone just as you know what your public wants.  Now you know why the smoothie-making machine has a speed setting.  Turn up the speed. Great, now the smoothies are flowing but its harder to get the quality right.  Turn down the machine.  Now there's not enough stock. 
This is no good.  Maybe you're approaching it all wrong.  Maybe the price is key.  Making more money from each sale would mean you don't have to sell as many and you could make the smoothies to a higher-quality standard.  It works, but not well enough. Your stock and sales are in balance but it is not covering your overheads.  Let's try tweaking the machine...
And so flows the constant tweaking, thinking, considering, worrying, and head-scratching of trying to make your on-screen business endeavour succeed.  It certainly seems to capture the essence of starting up a business!
That confusion at the start is almost off-putting but it fits in with the whole concept of the app perfectly.  There's no manual for building a successful business.  The app's learning process is steady and intuitive, though, so players quickly begin to feel that they are progressing, if not succeeding.  Success has to be worked for and problems encountered and solved - just like in real life.
This playing experience is supported by a very attractive play area.  Menus and options are easy to access and the different screens add variety.  The smoothie-making machine, in particular, is a great idea.  Combining reactions and juggling tasks it sums up the balance between speed of production and quality control perfectly. 
This is a new app but has every sign of being well supported.  Online videos provide information and there are some downloadable lesson ideas available on its associated website.  Children will find it a great app to sit and tinker with at home.  It could also form a part of a business-skills project run at school.  For teaching problem solving, persistence and business skills, Entreprenaws will be a great new addition to your mobile device.

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