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About English Language Photocation

This is an app that has an immense amount of content within it and aims at helping people become more confident and competent with the English language. I would suggest that the app could be used in a number of different ways for different types of students/people which makes it a good app for this purpose. The way the learning is set out is quite simple which gives it an ease of access and can be used by any type learner and any learning ability. 

English Language Photocation Review

This app has been designed to help a range of people improve their ability in the English language and seems to have been designed knowing that there will be a range of abilities and types of learning who would access the app. Alongside this there is a large amount of content that has been split into sensible, manageable sections to make it easy for people to use the app. The learning within the app is also sensibly done so there is enough support within the app for those learners who are less confident without detracting from the learning of those who are more competent and not making them feel like the learning is condescending.

I would suggest that the app can be used by a number of different types of learners. It isn’t an app that is for young children who are beginning to learn the English language but aimed more towards those that already have a level of competency. The content itself is broken down into a number of sections including form, function and questions, amongst many others. These then lead into a further number of menus which then lead into the actual content within the app.

The content itself, as the name photocation would suggest, bases itself on the use of pictures to further explain and develop, an understanding of the English language. Under the sections a list of photos with the writing appears next to it appears on the screen and then the user is able to click on each of the pictures where they are taken to the page where the picture and the text takes up the screen. Within the sentence that is given, the focus word (the part which is being taught) is highlighted to make this obvious but then to give extra support you user can choose to have the text read out through the audio button option.

Due to little reasons like this the app can be used by a number of different people for instance with the support of the audio feature a person with English as a second language may well want to use this app to become more fluent and competent in the English language but then also an SEND (Special Educational Needs and Disabilities) older students may well want to access to the app too. With its clear pages and simple layout it does lend itself quite well to SEND students too or certainly those at the weaker end.

Overall I really like the style of the app, the way the learning is set out and how it is split into different sections. All of this makes it simple and effective to use. The learning within the app however isn’t the most exciting and is a little dry but that is mainly down to the subject matter. The app doesn’t set the learning out through games and interactive elements but then that isn’t the aim of the app and if it did it would make it unsuitable for the range of groups that could benefit from it. Simply it is an informative app that breaks down elements of the English language into sections that can help a range of users become more confident and competent.

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English Learning Photocation

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