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English Language GCSE Revision

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About English Language GCSE Revision

This app is highly suitable for those preparing for GCSE English exams. The app has a vast amount of content suitable for students and adults and covers English revision from revising novels to poems to key grammar revision words. Although the app is a little cumbersome to navigate sometimes we like the clean layout and interactive text. The ability to also add notes in the app is helpful.

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Nicholas Barber

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  • English Language GCSE RevisionEnglish Language GCSE RevisionEnglish Language GCSE RevisionEnglish Language GCSE Revision


Your parents and teachers have been banging on at you since Christmas to start revising. 'That's all very well, but how are you supposed to revise for English?' I hear you cry. That's where we come in. This app is designed for students taking the Higher Tier AQA English Language GCSE exam. However, the skills highlighted can be transferred and used for Foundation Tier and other exam boards.

Each section deals with one question of the exam. There is no order to which question you should focus on in your revision (the one you struggle most with is a good starting point) but within each question, ideally, you should work through the activities in order for the best results.

If you need some reminding of your language techniques, you can go through this section and revise their effects. This is useful for both the reading and writing sections of the paper.

Stuck on how to link ideas together? Check out the discourse markers section. Again, this will help with both the reading and writing sections.

Not sure how to plan your writing? Then the planning writing section will give you some useful tips on how to do this.

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