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English Dictionary - Offline is exactly what its name suggests: a dictionary that you don't need an Internet connection to use. With it, you can look up any word without Wi-Fi or 3G.

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Among the options offered in English Dictionary - Offline, you can play every word and its corresponding definitions aloud. That said, for this feature you'll need an Internet connection to download the language pack.

If you find Dictionary.com a tad too intimidating and want merely an offline dictionary app, this is the app for you. Appropriately called “English Dictionary – Offline”, this app has a much simpler interface and functions offline right out the box. That, however, doesn’t mean it lacks the more advanced features.

“English Dictionary – Offline” is capable of syncing your data such as bookmarks, notes, across devices. In addition to that, there’s an OCR tool that you can employ for simplifying scanning the word through the camera instead of typing. It can also offer a random word for you to learn every day and more. “English Dictionary – Offline” is free and available for Android only.

Other noteworthy features include looking up a random word, or completely customizing the app interface by modifying the background color, fonts, hyperlinks, etc.

You can also swap the interface layout for a more classic one, although the default design is much more comfortable and easy to handle.

English Dictionary - Offline is a wonderful, simple, and easy-to-use English dictionary. And best of all, it also doesn't take up much space on your device's memory (14.5 MB).

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