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Multiplication game for kids

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About Engaging Times Tables

Learn and memorise the times tables in this colourful and fun app.  Useful hints and tips help kids to spot patterns that will make remembering these important numbers easier.

Engaging Times Tables Review

Kids can learn some tips and tricks to help them to remember the times tables as they practise and learn them in the app, Engaging Times Tables. Important in all maths curricula, the multiplication tables have become especially important in England as all year 4 children are to be tested on them.

Engaging Times Tables covers thirteen times tables as it includes the ones and zeros as well as the more typical two to twelve times tables.  Some apps assist with learning purely through practice exercises but this one also includes some tuition as it develops the player's skill in the topic.

The app builds up which tables and to what extent they are covered gradually. Sometimes whole groups of numbers are added and sometimes just a couple. In each case, children are given a tip to use as short cuts to help them remember the times tables or they are asked to memorise the ones where no such tip is useful.

For example, the app suggests tagging on a zero when multiplying by 10 and placing the same digit again when multiplying a single-digit number by 11. The zeros, ones, tens and singles-digit part of the eleven times tables are the first ones that children work through with each being introduced separately. These all have an easy to remember tip - that is why they appear first.  Next children start on the two times tables where there is not such an easy mechanical process to follow. For this, they are given just two multiplications at a time to memorise and incorporate into the practice session.

Teachers will have their own opinions on how useful these tips are.  They clearly work but some teachers feel that they have the potential to confuse children in future maths topics - the add a zero when multiplying by ten tactic is the classic example as it does not work when multiplying a decimal fraction by ten.  The tactic masks what is actually happening to the number.  On the other hand, children often notice these patterns and use them anyway.  Some children, especially those for whom maths is difficult, welcome these patterns as a basis to help them build their fluency in times tables.

A clever feature of the app is to use multiple-choice questions for the first challenge in a level and questions where the answers are entered on a keypad as the second challenge. This supports children in the first step and lets them recognise the patterns from the tips they have been given but they have to learn to recall, not just recognise, answers to get through the second challenge.

Each level not only covers the newly added times tables but revises those from past levels too. The app tracks how children have performed on the times tables and repeats those questions they have answered incorrectly more often.   

The challenges take place within a colourful animated world where the player follows the main character on an adventure to photograph creatures.  The on-screen character is observed traversing through the land until their way is blocked. Each obstacle is overcome by answering times tables questions.  The app's graphics are lovely and animated in simple but effective ways.  The app's pace is sedate and it conveys a calming feeling.  For some children, it might be a little too sedate as occasionally the character can seem to approach the next challenge a bit too leisurely but individual tastes will vary here.

The characters, in the same style and teaching the same topic, are also the stars of a few videos that are linked to by the app's website. They compliment the app nicely and are worth watching.

Players can also earn bonuses that they can spend on upgrading the appearance of their main character and their progress is reflected on a multiplication grid.  Each element that a child has learned is highlighted on the grid. This is useful for parents and teachers to see what a child has covered but also useful as a learning and revision tool for children.

Children need to learn the times tables and practise is the only way to do so. Parents and teachers can find it hard work encouraging children to carry out this practise and children often resist it.  Having a fun, useful, and attractive app such as Engaging Times Tables to help with this task will make everyone's lives a little easier.  Once the app is complete, children should be fluent and confident in recalling the times tables.

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