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Energy Island

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You make the decisions that matter as you take on the task of providing enough energy for the inhabitants of Energy Island. What selection of energy resources will be best? Where should they be built? Do you have enough money and are you looking after the environment? Find out how good a problem solver you really are with this simulation app.

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Welcome to Siemens Island!

You are responsible for providing electricity to the 5,000 inhabitants of Siemens Island. You have to supply enough electricity to power all the services over a 24 hour period, to do so economically and without damaging the environment.

To do this well, you will need to explore the landscape, learn about different ways of producing electricity and their advantages and disadvantages, and make decisions about an effective overall plan.

If you devise a successful plan for the generation of energy you’ll get a high score and praise from the islanders. If you blow the budget, trash the landscape or let the lights go out they won’t be pleased!

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