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Rating Endless Reader - 4 out of 5 - Good Rating 4.0

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  • age 3+
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Endless Reader Review

Endless Reader is an animated educational app for teaching sight words to children six years of age and younger. Endless Reader app introduces kids to sight words and phonics with interactive animations that demonstrate the meaning of the words as well as how to spell them.

Endless Reader Features

  • Teaches basic phonic skills interactively.
  • Animated sight words with cuddly monsters.
  • Interactive puzzles for word definition and usage.
  • Read-aloud feature with fill-in sight words.

Screenshots of Endless Reader

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How much does Endless Reader cost?

You can explore 6 words for free. After that, you have the choice to purchase individual word packs for $4.99 each or opt for a bundle priced at $11.99.

Is it good for learning?

This app is great for helping children learn and internalize basic phonic skills, and put them to use in a simple, interactive way. 

Is Endless Reader good?

Endless Reader app is great for helping children learn and internalize basic phonic skills, and put them to use in a simple, interactive way.

The children really engaged with this app and even 3 year olds were able to successfully complete the letters and sentences. It was lovely to see the children so engaged with learning. From an expert perspective this app clearly helps children with literacy skills from recognising letters and sight words to the concept of words within sentences. 

Preschool kids will love the cuddly monsters and animated sight words, which act out there definitions in order to increase engagement and retention of common sight words. Each word is presented as a card inside a monster's mouth. Kids scroll through the cards to choose the word they want to explore. Read aloud to kids and let them fill in certain sight words (start with letting them read the word "the" in a short picture book. 

The Endless Reader app also uses interactive puzzles to underscore the definition and usage of words.

Endless Reader is a follow-up app to Endless Alphabet, which used a similar format to teach phonics and vocabulary. Endless Alphabet was arguably the more effective of the two apps, however, as the Endless Reader app can confuse kids by mixing phonics and sight word instruction. 

Sight words are often taught that way because sounding them out letter by letter doesn't work; the word “Taught”, for example, can't be sounded out letter by letter without needlessly confusing the preschoolers this app is designed for.

Endless Reader is safe for preschool children, who will find the animations delightful and engaging. There are possibly more effective and affordable mobile apps for teaching sight words to preschoolers. 

The Pros of using Endless Reader

  • High engagement for children, including 3-year-olds.
  • Effective in teaching literacy skills.
  • Animations increase engagement and retention.
  • Safe and delightful for preschool children.
  • Interactive elements reinforce learning.

More Information

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Suitable for ages - Kindergarten Apps (3-5 Years)
Primary School Apps (5-7 Years)

Subjects & Topics - English / Literacy

Great for - Communication Skills
Academic Relevance

The Cons of using Endless Reader

  • Mixes phonics and sight word instruction, potentially causing confusion.
  • Some sight words cannot be sounded out, which may confuse preschoolers.
  • May not be the most effective or affordable option for teaching sight words.

Download Endless Reader

You can download Endless Reader on your iOS devices from the Apple App Store.

Download Endless Readerfor iOS

Final Verdict: Endless Reader Review

Endless Reader is a bright and colorful way to practice sounds, letters and sight words. Endless Reader is an app best suited for younger children and early level readers, making the app recommended for use with kids ages 2 to 7.

Privacy Rating

Data Safety

Does the app provide a secure and safe experience for its intended usersEndless Reader is safe to use

Value and Presentation

Is the app easy to use and accessible?Endless Reader is easy to use and accessible
Is this app well-made and presented?Endless Reader is well-made and presented
Is this app useful for its intended users?Endless Reader is user-friendly
Does this app provide good value?Endless Reader provides good value to the users