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About Aqua Mail

Aqua Mail is an app that functions as an excellent email client. 

Aqua Mail Review

What do we like about Aqua Mail?

Aqua Mail works with almost all email providers, including Office 365, Microsoft Exchange, Gmail, Yahoo Mail, FastMail, iCloud, and many more.

What skills does it improve?

Aqua Mail is free, but an in-app purchase unlocks premium features like push mail compatibility for Office 365 and Exchange servers, the ability to handle multiple accounts, and the ability to remove the Aqua Mail promo signature and advertising.

How much does Aqua Mail cost?

Aqua Mail is available at the cost of $19.99.

Is Aqua Mail free?

Aqua Mail is available free on all Android and iOS devices.

Is Aqua Mail easy to use?

Aqua Mail can be described as clean, simple, and effective. Because everything is set up intuitively, its navigation is the most straightforward you'll find among Android email apps.

How will users benefit?

Another excellent email client, Aqua Mail, provides a variety of customization options that let users alter how the app looks and functions. 20 additional languages are available to you. Aqua Mail does not keep your email information on its servers. Additionally, you may use almost any email account with the app, including Gmail, Exchange, IMAP, or POP3-compatible servers.

Smart Folders, contacts and calendar syncing, email backup/restore via cloud storage providers, and widgets are further features of Aqua Mail. Aqua Mail is available for free download and usage, but you can purchase the Pro edition to get rid of the adverts and access more advanced features. Limitless aliases, push for Exchange, and support for unlimited accounts are a few of these features.

You could, for instance, back up your email to a cloud storage platform like Dropbox or Google Drive. Various Android applications like Tasker, Apex Launcher, and Light Flow can all be used with Aqua Mail. Smart folders, email signatures, and fast voice replies are a few of the features you'll enjoy. 

What can Aqua Mail improve on?

The disadvantages of Aqua Mail's free version include a single account cap, advertisements, and the addition of a "sent with Aqua Mail" signature to all of your emails. By purchasing Aqua Mail Pro, you can do away with these restrictions and annoyances.

Final thoughts

Aqua Mail is a freemium email app that provides a simple setup for several email services, including Gmail, Hotmail, and Yahoo. The app also supports email accounts hosted by Google Apps, Office 365, and Exchange Online, with calendar and contact sync for Office 365 and Exchange. Among the many usability features are a powerful text editor, widgets, and theme adjustments.

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