Elmo Loves ABCs

Learn about letters with Elmo!

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About Elmo Loves ABCs

Elmo Loves ABCs app is very appealing for young children, thanks to its big collection of songs, videos, and games, with an emphasis on helping children learn to identify letter names (uppercase and lowercase) and letter sounds, and form letter shapes.

Elmo Loves ABCs Review

Since nearly every child loves Elmo, no matter what cognitive level they are, they will enjoy interacting with Elmo in this app. However, if your child has no or very little letter/sound knowledge you will need to work on this app with your child. If your child does not have prior letter knowledge, this is not an app that you can just let your child explore and play on their own. There is no "hints" or "helps" when the child gets an answer wrong so if the child does not have any prior knowledge or skills they will get frustrated. No reading skills are necessary, but because of this the app does rely heavily on auditory processing.

When working with children 4-5 years old with Down syndrome we found that we often had to repeat the directions for the child. This is a great app to use with your child to help teach them their letters and letter sounds. Through this app children have the opportunity to participate in a variety of different activities involving letters and their sounds. The activities included in this app are identifying letters, identifying objects based on their beginning sounds, tracing upper and lower case letters, coloring pictures, uncovering hidden pictures, watching videos about objects based on the beginning sounds, and listening and watching a variety of different ABC songs/videos.

The tracing activities require pretty good fine motor skills (doesn't allow much room for error), but if your child is not ready for that skill yet you can just bypass that activity. The app uses a mix of symbol pictures as well as real life pictures. The students we worked with on this app loved all of the music that is incorporated throughout the app's activities. There are not different levels/settings in this app, therefore the child's cognitive level will determine the amount of information they will learn from the app. The wide variety of activities available for every letter of the alphabet makes it a fun and new experience every time!

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