Elmo Calls

Price: Android - Free iPhone/iPad - Paid

Teacher Overview

Elmo is calling. Who's on the phone? The adorable Elmo, of course. When Elmo calls, it's a great chance for your child to learn how to interact with others on the phone. Elmo will say basic words and sentences to them, and it's their job to respond with what they've been taught. It's cute, fun, and educational time with Elmo!
Elmo's a turkey. With playful words from the popular Sesame Street character, it's never been more fun for your children to learn basic vocabulary. Watch as your child plays and interacts with Elmo as he teaches them simple words, and sit back and smile knowing that they're learning and having fun at the same time.
Elmo calls is a series of pre-recorded "Face-time"-like videos. There are more than 10 different videos to play. Each one starts with the phone ringing, and Elmo gives time for your child to answer, so the call feels interactive. You can also see video "voice-mail" messages to see what Elmo said while you were away.
If your toddler is like most miniature people, he/she always gets a kick out of seeing Elmo. The added excitement of making your chile believe it's interactive and they are actually FaceTiming with Elmo will score major points with parents everywhere.

Inside the app

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From the Developer

Pick up the phone, Elmo’s calling!
  • Receive audio and video calls from Elmo
  • Get voicemail from Elmo
  • Schedule calls from Elmo
Elmo Calls encourages kids to imagine, listen, and sing!  It can also foster self-confidence by celebrating important moments in a child’s life.
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