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Ella Verbs

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About Ella Spanish Verbs Conjugation

Ella Spanish Verbs Conjugation is an independent-learning, Spanish-language learning app that comprehensively enables learners to see, practise, interact with and, subsequently, understand a wide variety of verbs across all tenses and moods. The verbal content can be customised to complement the extent of the user’s understanding of Spanish verbs: by refining the tenses, moods, verb forms, and indeed the verbs to be studied themselves. It allows personalised quizzing and progress tracking as a means to facilitate and refine learning.

Teacher Review

Ella Spanish Verbs Conjugation is direct, yet comprehensive in its outline and effective in what it sets out to do.  The rubric of the app seeks to aid learners of Spanish in what can be one of the more technical and complex aspects of studying the language – mastering the verb forms.  Practically-speaking, the software is comprehensive in its content; even better, is the fact that you do not need a constant Internet connection to access the detailed content. 

From the start-up screen, the user is immediately launched into the core functionality of the app, whereby it attempts try to gauge the scope of their understanding of Spanish verbs in their fullest capacity.  After initially declaring whether you are a complete beginner or whether you have some knowledge, the developers ascertain the latter by asking you to ‘thumbs up’ or ‘thumbs down’ the extent of your understanding of some thirty different core aspects, or “levels” of Spanish grammar tenses.  It should be noted that you have the option to change this at a later point in ‘Settings’.  From initial sign-up, you will have access to the initial six levels before the expectation that you enter into a subscription (either on a monthly or annual basis), or via a one-off payment option.

While there is a best app to learn Spanish worth paying for, it turns out that you can get many excellent resources for studying a language for no money at all. We've also tested dozens of language learning apps over several years to determine which ones are best for which users.

As I have previously mentioned, the app is spread over thirty levels with micro-lessons introducing the specific area for focus and subsequent conjugation quizzes, which serve to guide the user through sixteen tenses and moods to work towards mastery of Spanish verb conjugations.  The quizzes can be adapted to suit user needs and can be customised for specific skills – be it conjugation, translation, or timed multiple choice questioning – with progress tracking clearly outlined in the ‘Progress’ tab at the bottom of the main page.  The app, also, boasts an impressive Spanish verb dictionary; with over one thousand contained within its lexicon.

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The app is very much aimed at the independent learner, yet it would serve as an excellent and comprehensive curriculum-support tool if thoughtfully embedded within Schemes of Work.  The app developers proudly boast they this is “not your typical Spanish flashcards or verb trainer app”, as the instructional prompts, that begin each level, comprehensively and succinctly instruct the user in what is to be studied and give freedom to explore this through multiple quizzes - gradually allowing you to practise, understand, test, refine, and then progress.  Each quiz, it will challenge and motivate you to achieve the highest percentage that you can; yet, also, identifying any gaps or insecurities in your knowledge, which in turn can be refined and help you work towards long-term understanding and retention.  Beyond the ‘quizzing’ element of the app, the instructional pages for learning the verbs, verb forms, and tenses/moods themselves are a real positive within Ella Spanish Verbs Conjugation, with an additional capability of removing the ‘vosotros’ form to suit Latin-American Spanish learners.  Post quiz, the feedback provided for those questions that you do not get correct are clear and detailed in their explanation, and the end-of-quiz positive reinforcement is noteworthy and a well-considered addition to the app.  Furthermore, the possibility to set ‘daily goal’ targets can, in itself, be an extra motivational factor.  Equally, for those users with a ‘Pro’ subscription, there is a very effective quiz builder to further customise learning, or the ability to register for daily ‘smart quizzes’ relevant to user level and progression.

From an educator’s perspective, the relevant, and clearly-defined and presented content mean that this represents a useful addition to any language learning classroom, especially in trying to encourage independent learning.  The score retention system is a definite mechanism that can be utilised by educators to effectively track student interaction and attainment in-app.  Ella Spanish Verbs Conjugation comprehensively serves the purpose of showcasing Spanish verbs across all tenses and moods in an organised and, most significantly, progressively concise way. 

In conclusion, as an app for interacting and understanding the various forms of Spanish verbs, this piece of software is without a doubt comprehensive.  It will require self-motivation and discipline for you to take full advantage of what it has to offer.  The customisable elements in the ‘Settings’ will appeal to most, as this software is not solely for the purely academic or most mature Spanish student; all users can engage with it and, even more, avail of a very personal touch from the developers who strive to read and respond to every feedback email and review.

Ultimately, Ella Spanish Verbs Conjugation may be better suited for user with an inclination for how Spanish verbs work, if they are to fully interact and benefit from the app.  For me, personally, it will definitely be on my recommendation list for my students to extend their knowledge of verb translations and conjugations alike.

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Jane & Brian at Ella Verbs

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  • Ella Spanish Verbs ConjugationElla Spanish Verbs ConjugationElla Spanish Verbs ConjugationElla Spanish Verbs ConjugationElla Spanish Verbs ConjugationElla Spanish Verbs ConjugationElla Spanish Verbs Conjugation


Master your Spanish verbs conjugation with Ella Verbs! Work your way through 30 levels (6 for free), learning 16 tenses and covering over 1,000 verbs. Our personalized quizzing and progress approach allows you to focus on your weak spots and improve faster.


* 30 levels (6 for free) with bite-sized lessons and Spanish conjugation quizzes, guiding you through 16 tenses to master Spanish verb conjugation.
* A beautiful Spanish verb dictionary of 1,000+ verbs (101 for free), with full English translation and irregularity highlighting.
* Track your progress across multiple devices and stay motivated with a daily streak.
* Speaks the answers aloud to help you with pronunciation (on supported devices only – uses built in voice library)
* Step-by-step conjugation guide when you get a verb drill answer incorrect.
* Supports both European and Latin American Spanish.
* Build your own quiz with our highly customizable quiz builder (Pro only).
* Get daily smart quizzes personalized to your level and progress (Pro only).
* Access all content offline so you can study anywhere!

We are an Irish couple (Jane and Brian) living in Spain and learning Spanish. We started Ella Verbs as we were looking for a way to improve our Spanish verbs and make the jump from intermediate to advanced Spanish speakers. We tried many ways to improve our Spanish grammar (books, apps, tutors – you name it, we tried it!), but never found the one that clicked. So we built it!

We aren’t your typical Spanish flashcards or verb trainer app. Our philosophy is “learn, quiz, repeat”. We teach you, then quiz you and then surface content again when you need it most. It’s been proven that quizzing helps with concentration, identifying gaps in knowledge and long term retention (Roediger & Karpicke, 2006). You’ll enjoy our Smart Quizzes to drill verbs into your memory!

Because we're a small team, we personally read and respond to every feedback email and review. So if you have an idea, issue, question or whatever, please get in touch! We really want and listen to your feedback, and regularly release new features and improve existing ones. Together we want to help everyone learning Spanish to master their verbs :)

You can reach us in-app, or by emailing us at or Looking forward to hearing from you!

Ella covers 16 Spanish verb tenses across 3 moods:

* Indicative present
* Indicative present continuous
* Indicative present perfect
* Indicative preterite
* Indicative imperfect
* Indicative past perfect
* Indicative informal future
* Indicative future
* Indicative future perfect
* Indicative conditional
* Indicative conditional perfect
* Subjunctive present
* Subjunctive imperfect
* Subjunctive present perfect
* Subjunctive past perfect
* Imperative (affirmative & negative)

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