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Teacher Overview

Elephant Learning is an application available on iOS and android platforms. It claims to be the most effective Math Learning Platform ever invented because the application propels learning faster than any other platform and the learning lasts longer. The application supports students from the age of two to eight but we feel that this could extend further for those students who are older but are struggling with math concepts.

The developers have partnered with the University of Denver to help create ‘Advanced Curriculum Technology’ or ACT for short.  The app is free from in-app adverts and in-app purchases. However, it is noted that the mobile application supports the on-line Elephant Learning platform. This service has a free trial option but is a subscription service for those who wish to use the application on a regular basis, whether that is parents and children or schools and pupils.

Teacher Review

The mobile application supports the online Elephant Learning platform. It is advised that parents or teachers experience this platform first and use the application as an external support. It is safe to say that the application offers all features that are offered on the on-line platform. We signed up for the free trial and found this very helpful in getting a taste for the app, however, we struggled to directly launch the app via the email link via the mobile platform.

The developer states that;

"the app advances math skills by at least 1 year in 3 months.  They guarantee it on the enroll page and stand by it. They say that every child their system to date has gained at least a year with an average of 1.5 years.”

The application has a unique feature in that it will detect the gaps in understanding of the student as they work through the activities and adapt these accordingly. The student enters their name, gender and age to provide a tailored starting point for learning. The platform provides helpful tutorial videos and the vision of the developers. The developers may consider choosing a character from one the themes. This would be particularly useful for user and classroom use.

Elephant Learning provides a choice of 21 interactive maths games that are based on a particular theme and title. The graphics and visual prompts of this application are beautifully presented and really help the learner become involved in Maths whilst having fun. Each character when pressed has its own sound and quirky characteristics. We particularly liked the howling wolf and the giggling snails. Some of our users found the themes quite repetitive and the developers should consider a theme that mixes all characters together or selects random characters.

Each Maths game is a series of activities with worded voice commands. Our users loved the fact that their name is read out in the instructions, however, we did find some of the voices used a little difficult to understand and some word inconsistencies such as ‘volf’ instead of ‘wolf’.

What we love about this unique application is that activities nurture the student through the levels enabling them to gain confidence whilst having fun. The activities range from giving the correct number of objects to removing objects to using a number line. The topics increase as the user plays more. A question mark in the corner provides a prompt help and the home button returns the player to the themed screen. The screen is very well designed, simple, uncluttered and intuitive. When a question is answered correctly the user is awarded a celebration screen until the next exercise. A wrong answer sometimes provides some feedback but very often just moves on. We are unsure whether this feedback should be consistent. The developers may also think about including a reward system that creates a leader board. This would be ideal if the application was used in a classroom or a group scenario.

It goes without saying that the developers have created an intuitive math learning system that is fun and engaging, however, where the platform really excels is the User Dashboard.

This Dashboard is split into four categories; ‘Overview’, ‘Activities report’, ‘Progress report’ and ‘History’.

The ‘Overview’ provides displays the ‘Elephant age’, the child’s name, time spent on the application and a topics report. The ‘Elephant age’ is a measure of how the user is doing compared to peers. It is the age that a student would typically be working with these concepts in school.

The ‘Topics report’ displays the concepts that the student is progressing through in a clear and parent friendly manner. There are clear explanations of how the app has moved the child through the activities from number transitions and number identification, these are described as child milestones.

The ‘Activities report’ is a brilliant section that suggest games that can be played with the child and parent to help with their Mathematical understanding. The developers could consider teacher lesson plans within this section.

The ‘Progress report’ provides a linear measure of how the child is performing. This is displayed in a simple to read line graph.

The ‘History report’ gives the user feedback on the time spent on the activities and the topics played.

We believe that this is where the learning platform really excel and the developers may consider whether some of this data may be exported into a more familiar format for a teacher such as an Excel spreadsheet.

As a mathematical learning platform this is by far one of the best we have seen. It appears that the on-line platform provides more versatility than the mobile application, however, this is ideal for ‘learning on the go’.

It is clear that the developers have an in-depth understanding of how Maths should be taught and they can be commended for the system they have developed. With a few minor tweaks we believe that this could be the basis of mathematical learning for the future and that is why it has been awarded our five-star rating. 

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Developer Description

Elephant Learning is the Most Effective Math Learning Platform Ever Invented because we propel learning faster than any other platform and our learning lasts longer. We support children from ages 2-8.

How Does It Work?

Elephant Learning has partnered with the University of Denver with research funded by the National Science Foundation to help create "Advanced Curriculum Technology" or ACT for short. ACT does not represent curriculum in a straight line and because of that we can navigate curriculum faster.

We use ACT to constantly adapt to your child and meet them at their level. When we detect a gap in understanding, we quickly adapt and fill that gap with activities that are written by the foremost experts in early age education.

We give you detailed reports letting you know exactly how your child measures up against his peers and other people in our system.

Because we know exactly what is the next stepping stone for your child, we are able to give you expert parental advice on how to integrate math into every day life.

All of this turns you into your child's Math Champion.

Because math, when done at the right level, is challenging and engaging, our games are like fun math puzzle games. Think sudoku but for children.

The secret sauce is that our activities focus on teaching understanding rather than forcing memorization. Because of that our learning lasts longer and our system is supplemental. Your child develops intuition and understanding allowing them to fully understand teachers, tutors, and other learning systems thus making them more effective and making our learning last longer.

The platform was invented by 2 PhDs and constantly optimizes itself based on the activities of 1000s of children within our system. Visit our website to see what teachers and parents are saying about Elephant Learning.

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