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Elements 4D

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Elements 4D is an app that has the capability to illustrate various chemical elements and the reactions they have using Augmented Reality. This is an app that is designed to inspire and engage students about science and chemistry in an interactive way. Elements 4D uses augmented reality to help students explore elements and chemical reactions. To use the app, first print special element blocks on standard letter-size paper in your classroom.

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Elements 4D adds a fascinatingly haptic way of learning about chemistry without having to engage in expensive specialized experiments. The augmented reality feature works amazingly well, with the app detecting the papercraft or wood blocks instantly and smoothly overlaying information together, and even depicting chemical reactions seamlessly and in a fun way.

Elements 4D is a combination of an Apple app and 6 wooden blocks that allow a user to interact with different elements and view info about each element. Also, students will be able to create molecular compounds out of the different blocks and have them interact. It also provides a detailed, interactive picture of the element. 


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