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About Elastic Alphabets® for kids

Elastic Alphabets is a beautifully presented app that teaches children about the alphabet in a simple and effective way. The app includes upper and lower case, fantastic illustrations, creative graphics, letter construction and more. The app also benefits from parental controls and in-app prompts.

Elastic Alphabets® for kids Review

Upon opening the application, the user is shown a splash screen which leads onto the main home screen that features some exciting and fun graphics. Here we are given a number of options. The bottom icon on the left is protected by a parental three second hold feature and for some reason links us through to another app, we are not sure why this displays the words ‘new game’. The option in the top right is again parental protected and leads us to the settings menu. Once pressed this menu is extensive and features options to turn off the music/audio, switch between upper and lower case (an excellent feature that many similar apps fail to deliver), display the title text and more. It also includes links to social media, website, reviews, share feature and ways to improve the app. There is also a link here via the ‘present’ icon to other apps from the developer.

Once the user returns to the home page they can play the app by using the ‘play’ icon in the bottom right. The app starts on the letter ‘A’ and will give in-app prompts if left unattended. The graphics here are very clear and accurate. Swiping the screen from the right, left, top or bottom will create an exciting animation linked to the displayed letter. We found the variety of animations here really inspiring and beautifully animated, we love the marble letter construction. Tapping the screen will display the letter and how it is constructed using pencil lines. It would be of value for the user to be able to trace the letter construction here with there finger or stylus. There is a red dot on the left hand side of the screen which appears on several occasions, we are unsure what this does.

There are four options on this letter screen. The first option can return the user to the home page, the second will enable the user to select the letter they wish to learn. It is noted that there is no way to tell which letters have been viewed. The developers may consider that when a letter has been chosen it turns a different colour to indicate which letters have been viewed. Some users may only choose letters they are comfortable with. The right hand panel with the animated balloons, are far as we can tell, has little value.

Returning to the letter screen the arrow icon on the bottom left will link the user to animation and words beginning with this letter. Once again the developers can be congratulated on the quality of the animations. There are three animations before the letter moves to the next. The sound quality is excellent although there is a distinct American accent that may not appeal to the UK market. The options to change languages would really benefit this app and widen its target market.

It is noted that there is a spelling mistake on the splash screen, intentional or not this needs to be addressed by the developers. We also believe that the in store app icon could signify some kind of letter to show its potential target market rather than two eyes. Once the user has experience the letter ‘Z’ the app displays ‘the end’, we believe that the app should return to the letter ‘A’ here as learning the alphabet should never have an ending.

Our users really enjoyed this app especially the quirky animations, music and sounds. This is a good app that could be used in many different ways to teach the alphabet. With a few minor alterations this could be an excellent app.

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Pratik Machchar

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You can download Elastic Alphabets® for kids on your iOS devices from the Apple App Store.

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