Einstein's Riddle Logic Puzzle

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About Einstein's Riddle Logic Puzzle

Einstein's Riddle is a logic puzzle game where you need to solve a riddle using clues. If you really want to hone your problem-solving skills, then this game can give you a good workout. The puzzle’s basic gist is to use the given clues and adjust the items’ position to solve the riddle. You need to jump between different clues and even need to go back to previous clues to understand the riddle.

Einstein's Riddle Logic Puzzle Review

Popularly known as “Einstein's Challenge, the game Einstein's Riddle offers more than 5,000 riddles to be deciphered - all of them free, without you having to purchase anything. Whether on small or large boards, it is necessary to show your understanding of logic and point out solutions to the proposed challenges.

Einstein's Riddle presents a logic problem with several hints of a scenario that involves some people. Each person has a profession, likes an animal, or practices a sport, among other attributes. His work is a mixture of detective and quick thinking: using logical thinking and elimination, deduce the entire scenario based on just a few initial tips.

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