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Teacher Overview

We have given the app a Certification of 4 because the high quality narration, the high quality of the design, the variety of the vocabulary and variety in the stories. The app would receive a Certification of 5 if there was a little more interactivity with the stories. 

Teacher Review

This is a wonderfully illustrated app with many classic stories such as; ‘Rapunzel’, ‘The Three Little Pigs’, ‘Little Red Riding Hood’, amongst many others. As the apps are bilingual, for Japanese/English speakers and learners, there are also traditional Japanese stories included.

Each e-book costs an additional £1.99.  We are on two camps about this. On the one hand, it means that you spend money only on the books that you want to read but, on the other, it means that there is a system of in-app purchasing and your child could buy all the books that he/she wants by just clicking on the “buy” button.

Overall, the stories are great, the designs are fantastic. Some of the reviewers were asking for a bit more interactivity with the app in order to take full-advantage of the media and perhaps insert features relating to reading and comprehension or discussion about some of the themes that were raised in the stories.

All of the stories are very well narrated. There is a variety of vocabulary so that children can practice and learn new words. More proficient readers will not need the narration however, those who are a little bit weaker in their literacy skills will benefit from having the sound on for the narration.

You can really tell that each page of the stories has been done with care. The energy in the narration and the quality of the illustrations will engage users thoroughly. Moreover, given that there are many classic stories to choose from, readers will be coming back time and time again.

You do not need to speak Japanese in order to download this app. The apps were created in Japan, therefore the stories are in Japanese as well. However, this is an option and compulsory to use the app. If, you are a learner of either language, the app will be of benefit to you too!

Inside the app

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From the Developer

Welcome to the world of Ehon-ya!
Children's picture books, ebooks for kids, audio books online.
Finally, at your fingertips..a digital library of illustrated literary classics.
Ehon-ya is fun. Ehon-ya is beautiful. Ehon-ya is endearing.
Ehon-ya is bilingual!
Come on in to listen, to look, to read, to think, to enjoy, to share and to learn.

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