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About Eggbun: Learn Korean Fun

Eggbun is an app offering the same signature lessons in the Korean language in an equally well-organized layout.

Eggbun: Learn Korean Fun Review

Eggbun contains more than 550 study materials organized in a "Lanny" shared chat format. Lanny himself is a cute egg character pre-programmed tutor who will teach you Korean interactively. This app will also teach you about formal, semi-formal, and informal Korean.

This app is ideal for those of you who want to learn not only the Korean language, but also their culture. This is because Eggbun offers additional material in the form of Culture Notes which contain various information. You can also find a collection of popular sentences in Korean dramas, slang, Korean culture, hits, to K-pop song lyrics.

What do we like about Eggbun?

The brief courses cover a variety of topics, including the simple Hangeul alphabet (), classroom vocabulary, self-introductions, grammar rules, and advanced discussions. This style has proven to be the most successful at maintaining my interest and engagement in finishing each course. To help you along, each lesson includes sub lessons, vocabulary lists, and quizzes.

What skills does it improve?

Eggbun "chats" with you and teaches you Korean using a charming character named Lanny and a wonderfully made interface. A brief explanation of the alphabet precedes courses on borrowed words, numerals, pronunciation, classroom vocabulary, salutations, self-introductions, markers, conjugation, real-world dialogues, and travel. You can advance through each lesson's multiple levels, tests, audio files, and word lists.

What age is it appropriate for?

Eggbun is appropriate for all ages.

Is Eggbun free?

Eggbun is available free to download on all Android and iOS devices.

Is Eggbun easy to use?

Eggbun has a gorgeously designed user interface right away. The app is easy to use and offers straightforward lesson and reading navigation. Eggbun has around 550 lessons, and they are organised in a chat mode where you talk to "Lanny."

How will users benefit?

Lanny is a cute little artificially intelligent tutor who uses engaging lesson plans to teach you Korean. Lanny is also available for a chat outside of the app through Facebook Messenger. Retaking lessons is an option, but doing so requires that you always adhere to the same pre-programmed lesson plan.

Additionally, Eggbun provides a section on Korean culture with a wealth of material, including lessons on K-dramas' most used words, Korean slang, K-pop songs, etc. By simply skimming through a couple of these culture cards, you can gain a solid understanding of Korean culture 101. 

The app provides audio recordings of the words and phrases so that the user can become accustomed to various pronunciations and their subtleties. In addition to teaching how to type in Korean, Eggbun gives a lot of practice with the Korean keyboard which makes texting friends much simpler. They provide instruction in English, French, Japanese, and Spanish.

Eggbun features both text and audio / For each of the words and phrases used, the app provides audio recordings. Given that it can feel like Korean has so many exceptions, this is especially beneficial when it comes to pronunciation classes.

What can Eggbun improve on?

Lessons are prepared in advance. You truly have no control over what you learn in any given class, and you have no say in which terminology is taught or whether any elaborating questions are asked. There are limitations to learning with any automated tutor, though. You can't ask Lanny specific questions or direct what you learn in each lesson because he is a pre-programmed tutor.

You can easily retype your response till it is accurate if you make a mistake. If you approach it the right way, it may encourage guessing rather than comprehending because there are no real consequences or opportunities to ask inquiries when you give an erroneous answer or are puzzled.


Final thoughts

The vocabulary and phrases that are taught in the lessons, as well as the teaching method used by Eggbun, are all conversation-focused. It's ideal for helping you feel at ease with that part of language acquisition.

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