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Developer Description

Best Selling Book and Author Josh Bloch! Download the Effective Java app to try out all the features of the app and sample a featured chapter for FREE. If you like it, you can buy the entire application and unlock all remaining chapters through the convenient in-app purchase option. The Effective Java reader app brings to your mobile bookshelf the best selling book on Java from Prentice Hall Professional, a publishing imprint of Pearson Education:

Pearson has developed an iPhone app that includes all the standard features you expect in a reader such as easy navigation, search, and hyperlinking. We didn’t stop there. In developing the App we wanted to include features specifically beneficial to the development community, including:

* Scroll vertically and horizontally through long code listings using Code View
* Access to all of the sample programs via the email feature in Code View
* Highlighting and Bookmarking both supported
*Search the current chapter and the current book quickly and easily

Sample featured chapters for FREE. Like what you see, simply use the in-app purchase option to unlock the entire library application.


“I sure wish I had this book ten years ago. Some might think that I don’t need any Java books, but I need this one.”
–James Gosling, fellow and vice president, Sun Microsystems, Inc.

“10/10–anyone aspiring to write good Java code that others will appreciate reading and maintaining should be required to own a copy of this book. This is one of those rare books where the information won’t become obsolete with subsequent releases of the JDK library.”
–Peter Tran, bartender,

Effective Java™, Second Edition, brings together seventy-eight indispensable programmer’s rules of thumb: working, best-practice solutions for the programming challenges you encounter every day.

Highlights include:
* New coverage of generics, enums, annotations, autoboxing, the for-each loop, varargs, concurrency utilities, and much more
* Updated techniques and best practices on classic topics, including objects, classes, libraries, methods, and serialization
* How to avoid the traps and pitfalls of commonly misunderstood subtleties of the language
* Focus on the language and its most fundamental libraries: java.lang, java.util, and,

Joshua Bloch is chief Java architect at Google and a Jolt Award winner. He was previously a distinguished engineer at Sun Microsystems and a senior systems designer at Transarc. Bloch led the design and implementation of numerous Java platform features, including JDK 5.0 language enhancements and the award-winning Java Collections Framework. He coauthored Java Puzzlers (Addison-Wesley, 2005) and Java Concurrency in Practice (Addison-Wesley, 2006).

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