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About edX Review

edX is an online course app that provides you access to a large catalog of online higher education courses, particularly in the sciences. You can enroll in either self-paced or timed classes, ranging between four and twelve weeks.

Teacher Review

EdX offers both self-paced and timed classes, which are free, but there are some flaws. Discussions could be better organized, students have little contact with their professors, TAs, or colleagues, and assessment, while best in class, remains inadequate, particularly in the humanities. Although edX offers various certificates (Honor, Verified, and XSeries), learners will not receive the credentials they would at a traditional institution. EdX employs a freemium model in which learners audit classes for free or make what edX calls a donation ($50 or more) to participate in certificate programs that verify their identities.

Learning at edX

From courses on supply chain analytics to cyber security fundamentals, introduction to solar systems to mobile app development and robots programming language, edX has self-paced learning courses for everyone.

For every course available on the app, the app tells you about the course in brief, length of the course, no. of hours required to study per week, institution/ university, subject, level, instructor, and what you’ll learn from that course. It also mentions about the prerequisites, i.e. basic knowledge of which subjects is necessary to learn that course.

edX courses consist of weekly learning sequences. Each learning sequence is composed of short videos interspersed with interactive learning exercises, where you can immediately practice the concepts from the videos. Moreover, the courses often include tutorial videos that are similar to small on-campus discussion groups, an online textbook, and an online discussion forum where you can post your queries and comment on questions posted by other edX learners.

There is also an option to download the video and watch offline for added convenience.

Earn a Professional Certificate

Learning any course is free, and anyone can learn any course without paying a single penny. However, for learners who wish to showcase their newly acquired skills, edX provides an additional option to get a verified certificate by paying a small amount of money, for example: $50. This cost varies depending on the course.

Upon making a payment, you’ll receive an instructor-signed certificate with the institution’s logo to verify your achievement and increase your job prospects.

Final Thought

Whether you want to develop the expertise employers are looking for nowadays through a series of skill-based certificate courses, or want to accelerate your Master’s degree / career through a series of graduate-level courses, edX app is a good platform to start. All the courses are mobile-friendly and edX verified. And the best part about the edX app is that it is a non-profit organization, thus all courses are free to join.

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EdX brings you the best online courses from the world’s top universities and institutions to your mobile device, so you can learn new skills anytime, anywhere. Learn and master the most in-demand skills to advance your career with online courses in the fastest-growing fields including: computer science, data science, engineering, business management, marketing, finance, accounting, math, design, and more.

EdX’s free app for online courses give you the freedom to learn your way:
Stream online classes in data science, blockchain, python, and more to learn on the go
Download online courses to watch anytime
Test your knowledge with quizzes and exams as you advance through each course
View course announcements and handouts
Advanced search so you can find online courses in any subject from HTML programming to philosophy, history, psychology and more

• Computer science – Learn programming in Python, C++, Java, R, and more. Master courses in artificial intelligence, machine learning, big data, cloud computing, and cybersecurity.
• Business & Management - Courses in accounting, marketing, finance, economics, information technology, entrepreneurship, and more.
• Mathematics - from high school to college-level math courses, master your skills in calculus, statistics, and algebra.
• Science & Engineering - Top online courses in subjects including biology, chemistry, robotics, manufacturing, and various engineering fields.
• Language - Learn Spanish, Mandarin, French, English, and even sign language.
2000 courses in additional subjects including art, law, politics, history, and more from top educational institutions.

EdX’s online courses are taught by experts and professors from the world’s top universities and institutions. Enrich your education with courses from Harvard, MIT, UC Berkeley, Microsoft, Columbia, Wharton, Oxford, and 100 other institutions around the world. Try EdX’s courses for free now and enjoy the best education, when and where you want it.

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