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An interesting tool that allows teachers to create their own revision maze game for use in class or beyond. This app receives a 4 star EAS rating. 

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In order to use Edventure Maze, there are two tools. Firstly, a teacher creates a maze using the online tool on the Edventure Maze website. This gives them the flexibility to add 3-25 multiple choice questions and choose from three available themes for the maze. They then save this and complete the process to add it to the Android app's list. Students access the Android app on individual devices, and can choose the maze that their teacher has created via the startup screen (or alternatively, browse the other mazes on the list developed by other teachers or by the Edventure Maze team).

Each maze follows the same format – the user navigates by tapping along the corridors within the maze in order to find rooms. Each room contains a question with four multiple choice answers, each corresponding to a different passageway out of the room. Users have to choose the correct path in order to navigate their way successfully across the maze. The graphics and sound effects are of an adequate quality to enhance the “fun” factor of the theme chosen, although I can imagine that students would soon find the mazes a bit samey if they were used frequently. The whole feel of the graphics, sound effects and overall gameplay also feels a bit dated, which may limit the appeal for repeat playing by students.

This app could be of definite use for classes needing to revise for a test or exam, or indeed for end of topic consolidation. As an alternative to more traditional flash cards or similar techniques, I can see this motivating students to find out or remember the correct answers than they might otherwise. It may also be useful to allow students to create mazes for each other as a revision exercise, although this may make navigation of the maze choice menu a little tricky, especially if many mazes on one topic were created.

Overall, this app would make a good addition to a teacher's repertoire of revision activities, although a greater variety of themes (which is promised soon on the website) will make a welcome improvement to the reusability of the app.

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GET LOST!  Introducing a brand new concept in the realm of games, puzzles and trivia. EdVenture Mazes are 3D, first-person, walk-through adventures that test your knowledge of a given subject. Mastering the subject is the key to your success. Online flash-cards are great, but we take test prep to a whole new level, turning test material into a game.

Imagine you are lost in a virtual 3D world and the only way out is through successful completion of a set of trivia questions.  Look for question marks that offer clues showing you how to progress through the pathways.

Going beyond flash-cards, EdVenture Maze was designed with the idea that success in learning often comes through exploration and discovery. Interactive challenges become the most memorable. Multi-sensory experiences engage the mind and foster learning. Our goal in designing this service was to harness these principles in delivering interactive learning mixed with fun.

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