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About Edurino

EDURINO is a fantastic app that aids in the learning of several subjects, such as reading, writing, counting, numbers and EAL. Working as a hybrid between native phone or tablet applications, and incredibly charming toy figurines that unlock new learning games and lessons, this approach to learning is best suited for children between 4 and 8, just starting their learning journeys and looking for new opportunities to learn and play. 

Edurino Review

What we love about EDURINO

There are plenty of features to love about the app, including its adjustable learning goals and outcomes, its variety and its dedication to working alongside parents and teachers. 

One of the things I liked most of all, though, was its presentation and art style, which displayed the learning process in a really engaging and encouraging way. You create the account for the child by listing their name, age, and creating an avatar to play with. I enjoyed the diversity of the avatar creation and the fact that hairstyles, clothes and features weren't restricted to boy or girl players, giving them more of an opportunity to engage with their learning.  

Additionally, I couldn't help but be very endeared to the toys provided in the starter pack - the hybrid learning model that keeps the app free to play and what unlocks new learning objectives (Mika the Fox for Reading and Writing, Robin the Racoons for Numbers and Counting and Niki the Bird for English Learning)! This offers more tactically minded children the opportunity to engage further with their learning, as having something to hold alongside the screen activity will allow for better attention to be paid to the app. 

What skills does it improve?

EDURINO aims to improve a number of different skills at the beginning of a child's learning journey including reading, writing, numbers and counting, and English Language Learning. Parents and teachers can set up specific areas of learning for their children and track their progress alongside their play.

What age is it appropriate for?

EDURINO is aimed towards children between four and eight years old. Younger users will enjoy the 'play' elements of the hybrid app, and older users will appreciate the more challenging aspects of the app as their learning journeys increase in difficulty.

Is EDURINO easy to use? 

After a quick set-up by a parent, guardian or teacher (this may be a little tricky on a smart phone, so we recommend using a tablet or bigger screen), the app is incredibly easy to use and access. 

How will students benefit?

Potential students will benefit from the wide range of games that are available on EDURINO, providing that they have the full range of figures to unlock the games, giving them plenty of choices on how to play next and not restricting them to a linear path of learning. Additionally, the accessibility of tactical play would be a fantastic benefit for children who typically struggle with long amounts of screen time, while also encouraging them to engage in learning in a new and unique way.

How will parents + teachers benefit? 

Parents and teachers will benefit from EDURINO in very similar ways, thanks to the number of features it boasts. While children learn through play, parents and teachers can track their children's learning progress in a separate area by logging into the app on another device. Additionally, you as a parent or teacher choose how long the child is allowed to play and regulate screen time individually, giving them a good balance between screen time and physical play. This is displayed clearly for the child to see and switches off automatically. While I think this feature is a great addition to the app, this could be encouraging or restricting, depending on the child!

How much does EDURINO cost? 

A starter pack of a figure of your choice, an ergonomic stylus and access to the app is a one-time cost of 44.99 euros. From there, each new figure, which unlocks additional lessons and games, is 24.99 euros.

Is EDURINO safe to use? 

EDURINO is completely child-friendly and contains no content that could be considered inappropriate or unsafe for children. The safeguarding options are fantastic and accessibility to settings menus are locked behind a password screen for parents.

We think EDURINO could improve on: 

It might be useful to include a demo lesson for parents and teachers looking to test the app before they commit to purchasing a starter pack - 44.99 euros is a considerably high investment for a lot of people, without a taster session first! Additionally, the tracking of the figures can be a little tricky on a smartphone, so plenty of adult support is needed when installing those new lessons.

Overall rating of the app: 

EDURINO has been awarded a well-deserved five-star review by Educational App Store. Its playful and engaging hybrid learning approach to a number of subjects is sure to entertain and teach children and charm the adults supporting their learning. 

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