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About Edulastic

Edulastic is a technology-enhanced assessment solution for teachers and school/district administrators. It is easy enough for classroom formative assessments, yet sophisticated enough for common interim and benchmark assessments that mirror state tests.

Edulastic empowers teachers with instant classroom data that shows who’s on track and who needs help so that they can take action and see growth.

Edulastic Review

Edulastic leverages a familiar format–it looks a lot like online standardized assessments–along with a lot of question types. They have drag-and-drop questions, coordinate plane questions, line plots, fraction input questions and other math formatting in their answers, and fraction diagram shading questions.

You can see the data live and also see rich, standards-aligned data afterwards. It could be great for standards-based grading as well as item-analysis, mastery-based grading, identifying students who need support, creating student mastery profiles that can be useful in parent-teacher conferences, and even breaking down assessment data based on a variety of factors or subgroups. While some of these features are part of the premium plan, Edulastic is currently offering many of their premium features for free.

If you need to use a good formative assessment tool all year–or during an extended closure–to track student mastery, Edulastic probably is or you.



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Edulastic provides free assessment tools to track learning and mastery of Common Core Standards and state standards. The program contains more than 2000 customizable assessments with automatic grading capability. Register to create an account, then begin using the assessment library and adding students to your class using a code, emails, or upload a data sheet. Be sure to take advantage of Edulastic's articles, training, and free webinar videos to learn about all the features included with this program. 

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