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About EduGuru Maths Kids age 3-5 educational games

An engaging and entertaining app, thoroughly thought through and designed promote a positive first experience of mathematics.  This app takes children through the skills of mathematics starting with the basic skills such as counting, but extending this learning through to more difficult skills: shapes, time, money, etc.

EduGuru Maths Kids age 3-5 educational games Review

This app has been designed to appeal to young children through gameplay and promote a love of learning mathematics.

Upon opening the app, children are first directed to the home page and a simple, helpful and clear tutorial begins, guiding children through their process of learning.  It’s possible to skip this tutorial if the child wishes.  From the home page, eight games are on offer: the first, Cosmic Counting explores counting through a space based adventure game; Meadow Maths allows children to move sheep into a pen, reinforcing the skills learned earlier while gradually introducing addition; the third game, Shape Sorting, allows children to practice the names and outlines of shapes; while the fourth game, Fishing Fun, familiarises children with the concept of size, height, weight, distance and quantity as they catch fish from the ocean floor; Space Solvers illustrates division through doubling, halving and sharing; Captain Clock uses a talking parrot to explain time; Money Pig encourages children to collect coins in a piggy bank, visually displaying each coin; and finally, Match Up reinforces the learning from earlier by matching shapes in context rather than simply an outline. 

It’s clear that the developers have considered both the educational perspective, alongside the academic content.  The game play is smooth, engaging and entertaining, while the mathematical content is accurate, appropriately levelled and suitably structured for a range of abilities.  Further, it’s nice to see an app, where each game has been designed for a specific skill, rather than the content added to an existing game.  The initial games tend to teach children new skills, for example, in Cosmic Counting children are guided to count as they move each space rocket, however, on other games, children are not explicitly taught and are instead encouraged to practice, for example, when playing Sorting Shapes, it is presumed that children have an existing knowledge and are only corrected rather than taught new skills.

In terms of assessment, correct answers are indicated and recorded, whilst errors are made obvious and the true answer indicated.  Stars record the children’s ability within each skill with three being the most and showing a thorough understanding of the subject.  Similarly, achievements are recorded and once a child has completed each game, trophies can be viewed.  Within the app itself there are additional options.  The obvious help facility alongside a list of frequently asked questions.  There is information about the developers, those involved in the design process, the company and concept.  Music can be added/removed, although the voice used to introduce and give instructions remains.  Cleverly, there is also the ability to unlock all or part of the games.  This is ideal for teachers, parents or children to select their appropriate level.  For the classroom, or for a small family, there is the option to add up to 6 additional users, however, it would be nice to see a button on the homepage allowing easy access to this change of user.

Overall, an app children will love and continue to use, certainly worthy of its 5-star rating and representing excellent value for money. 

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  • EduGuru Maths Kids age 3-5 educational gamesEduGuru Maths Kids age 3-5 educational gamesEduGuru Maths Kids age 3-5 educational gamesEduGuru Maths Kids age 3-5 educational gamesEduGuru Maths Kids age 3-5 educational games