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About Edudadoo: Games that teach

Edudadoo teaches a variety of early skills to preschool-aged children.  Activities that focus on speech, vocabulary, and creativity provide a varied play experience that includes customising the user's photos and recording voices and sounds.

Available as a cut-down free download with just a single in-app purchase to fully unlock it, Edudadoo is excellent value and available on both Android and iOS devices.

Edudadoo: Games that teach Review

What is Edudadoo app?

Edudadoo is the home of the Edzees who teach preschool children through a selection of beautiful and creative educational games and activities. It is an excellent app with features that might be especially well suited for children with special educational needs.

Edudadoo enhances its fun and educational activities by a creative use of the device's camera and microphone. Children and parents can take photos of people, pets, and objects familiar to the app's primary user. These then appear in the app's activities and albums combined with the impressive artwork of the app. This feature makes it relevant and appealing for young children in a way that graphics alone, even those as good as those in this app, cannot manage. 

Children can find stories and fun activities to play independently in the app. Parents and children together can produce custom photo albums with sounds by following a process that can achieve a variety of educational goals. 

What we love about Edudadoo

The first thing to impress with Edudadoo is how it looks. The beautiful coloured pencil-style artwork is as clear as the vector art of typical children's apps but so much more full of character. As the player combines this artwork with photos from their device, it still looks great but personalised, too. 

What skills does it improve?

The Edudadoo app includes various games and activities, and its useful supporting website indicates that their number and types will be growing over time. At the time of this Edudadoo app review, the app contains activities for helping children develop speech, vocabulary, hand/eye coordination, memory, motor skills and creativity. 

What age is it appropriate for?

Edudadoo 's designer has made it for preschool children, but its activities are also useful for children who, for whatever reason, are experiencing a delay in their development. The graphics are preschool-friendly but still suitable for those a little older. 

Is Edudadoo easy to use?

The app provides excellent explanations of what everything does through the use of overlays. The app does not read out these overlays, but they help parents familiarise themselves with the app. In turn, parents can help their children understand how best to interact with the app's different activities. 

How will students benefit?

Edudadoo offers a welcoming and attractive environment for kids to play and develop their skills and knowledge. Pretty much every icon and on-screen element have a spoken response when tapped so children will be growing their vocabulary as they learn to use the app. 

How will teachers benefit?

The developers have taken care to consult child education experts in the production of this app. Teachers will find practical activities to help children with special educational needs, such as speech problems, autism, and motor-skill development. Some of the activities' flexible nature also affords creative teachers the chance to link them to children's interests and needs. 

How will parents benefit?

Parents can help children take the Edudadoo experience away from the screen with the high-quality printable resources available on the app's supporting website. Many of these are colouring-in tasks linked to the app, but children can also make a nativity scene and hot-air balloon featuring the app's Edzee characters. 

The tools for making picture albums and recording sound to go with the user's photographs could form the basis of a great project where parents and children build them up together. For example, children and parents could put together albums of animals and their noises by visiting a zoo or public farm and then have fun making the sounds. Alternatively, they could use pictures from books and magazines. 

What Edudadoo can improve on?

Edudadoo is one of the most highly polished apps you can imagine. More content of the same quality would be welcome, and the app's developers are already, apparently, working on that. 

How much does Edudadoo cost?

A limited version of the app is available for assessment. It is well worth investigating this trial app to appreciate the quality of Edudadoo and see how you might use it to help your child. 

What is included with the free version vs. paid?

App's of the quality of Edudadoo, especially those with promised expansions, are often available only through subscription. Edudadoo is unlocked through a single in-app purchase which makes it very good value. 

Is Edudadoo safe to use?

It is crucial with any children's app that needs access to the camera and microphone to be sure how it uses the photos and audio recordings. Fortunately, Edudadoo is upfront and clear about this. 

The app presents its privacy policy to users when they first use it. This policy assures users that all of their photographs and audio recordings are kept on the app, and it does not track any data linked to the user. 

The app only records some anonymous app usage data to inform future app development, although the user can opt out of this process. There are no advertisements. While there are social media links in the app, they are behind a parental lock which also protects settings that could confuse children.

Overall rating of Edudadoo

Edudadoo is clearly the work of a developer who has thought deeply about the type of app that young children will learn from and enjoy. It doesn't slavishly follow other apps' design choices in either the style of its games or the look and feel of the app and yet it is at least equal to the best of the competing apps. Edudadoo is a lovely app that thoroughly deserves the five stars awarded to it in this app review.

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