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About Educational Animal Games

Educational Animal Games Puzzle is a fantastic app for young brains with a really catchy design and an appealing content. The games are very easy to understand and little children can easily play along without much supervision from parents. The app is perfect for developing conceptual skills and to coordinate the eye-hand movement control. And all this with wooden puzzles and cute colourful animals! We really liked the app and we award it with a 5 star EAS Certification of 5 stars and the EAS Recommended status.

Teacher Review

Educational Animal Games Puzzle is a wonderful app designed for toddlers and small kids. If you are looking for an app that develops their conceptual skills, the ability to sort objects by shape and hand-to-eye coordination, this is the app for you.  The “lite”/free version of the app gives you access to the easiest of the three levels. You will have to purchase the next 2 levels via the in-app purchase options in order to get the full experience. For this review we tested the full version of the app.

As we said above, the wooden puzzles are split between three levels: ‘Simple’, ‘Challenging’ and ‘Moving’. The aim of the game is to match and fit the wild animals into the shaded shadow shapes of each animal.

In the bottom-left hand corner there is a toggle where you can send your animals after you guessed their correct shape. After you have finished the puzzle, each animal will be highlighted and will make a specific sound. The better you do the more animals you send to the toggle.

When you press on the toggle, you are taken to an illustration of a map of the world. For each country you can see an illustration of the landscape and the animals belonging to it. This is a lovely feature as parents can sit with their children and explain the different countries and climate zones. Kids will easily understand that each animal comes from a different habitat, and parents will be able to go into as much or as a little detail in this section.

In the “Challenging” section, you are given a bigger puzzle and you also get more animals with similar body shapes. For example, the chimpanzee, koala and the lima look similar in terms of proportion so children will need to look carefully at the colours, shapes of the ear and whether there is a tail or not.

In the “Moving” section, the puzzle game gets really exciting because the animals and the shadow-shapes move about and you have to be much quicker in your hand-to-eye coordination (which for an adult is very easy, but obviously, for a toddler it is much more of a challenge and requires practice). 

There is no end point with playing the puzzles. You can play and play until you’ve had enough and then you shut the game down. Whenever you press on an animal there is a voice-over telling you the name of the animal which means that children can also learn the names of the wild animals.

The animal names, different habitats and the information about countries might be quite a challenge for toddlers but this is where parents can work with their children and decide how much in-depth they want to go. Overall, Educational Animal Games Puzzle is engaging and fun and we believe it is an app that children will want to play with time and time again. 

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  • Educational Animal GamesEducational Animal GamesEducational Animal GamesEducational Animal GamesEducational Animal Games


Polished wooden puzzle experience for toddlers! Large puzzle pieces, jungle animals, and vibrant colours make it perfect for toddlers. There are three difficulty levels and a world map that can be filled with wild animals. Puzzle activities are carried out with an encouraging and rewarding manner. Kids earn an animal as a reward every time they complete a puzzle. There are 32 different wild animals to be earned. Educational Animal Games is designed from the ground up for toddlers and small kids!

- Beautiful wooden animal puzzles!
- Educational - Learn 32 wild animals!
- 3 skill levels!
- World map with wild animals!
- Endless amount of puzzles!
- Moving puzzles!
- Educational Animal Games is free to try and contains one In-App-Purchase!

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