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Edmodo is a full-featured social learning platform designed to connect and collaborate within the educational environment. It is a social media network which is not only perfect for teachers and students but also to parents or guardians to use to share information in school. It collaborates and connect, share content and get access homework, school notices and grades.
Mostly, teachers can use Edmodo as an online blackboard and inbox. They can post polls, quizzes, and assignment guidelines, and invite students to submit finished assignments. The beauty of the social networking features is that students can collaborate on projects, asking questions and working together.
There are various ways to use Edmodo as teacher including to communicate with your students when you’re out of the classroom, or provide updates to students who are absent from class , facilitate project based learning in your classroom by leveraging Edmodo’s small-group feature.

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Developer Description

Edmodo takes learning beyond the classroom by providing a free, safe place for teachers and students to connect and collaborate—anytime, anywhere.

Unlike an LMS, Edmodo lets you seamlessly integrate and manage e-learning. Join the over 30 million people already on Edmodo and see how easy it is to:

  • Create secure groups that take learning beyond the classroom
  • Connect and collaborate with students and fellow teachers
  • Foster and continue discussions outside of school hours
  • Post and turn in assignments, polls, and more
  • Track progress and performance with a built-in gradebook
  • Upload and share files, photos, and videos

The world’s largest K-12 social learning network, Edmodo is learning made social (

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