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About Edmodo

Edmodo is a full-featured social learning platform designed to connect and collaborate within the educational environment. It is a social media network which is not only perfect for teachers and students but also to parents or guardians to use to share information in school. It collaborates and connect, share content and get access homework, school notices and grades. Edmodo is a learning management tool for desktop and mobile devices, useful for communication and collaboration.

Mostly, teachers can use Edmodo as an online blackboard and inbox. They can post polls, quizzes, and assignment guidelines, and invite students to submit finished assignments. The beauty of the social networking features is that students can collaborate on projects, asking questions and working together.

There are various ways to use Edmodo as teacher including to communicate with your students when you’re out of the classroom, or provide updates to students who are absent from class , facilitate project based learning in your classroom by leveraging Edmodo’s small-group feature.

Teacher Review

Edmodo is a very simple and easy-to-use learning management platform. It allows a dynamic interaction between the teacher and the students, as well as stimulates the participation of the classroom in group discussions on topics for the subject.

Edmodo is targeted to teachers, students, parents and administrators in the K-12 environment. It has been used by over 53 million members in more than 350,000 schools and over 190 countries.

It allows the teacher to conduct exams virtually, both with time limits and without timing. Edmodo has a social media feel to it that’s more relatable to what students see on a daily basis. 

Edmodo integrates with a variety of services and student information systems (SIS) to help administrators streamline access and user management. Simplify logging into Edmodo using popular SSO credentials like Google, Office 365, Clever, and ClassLink. 

The Edmodo Snapshot data in the Administrative account of schools determines how students are doing on Common Core standards, and determines if Professional Learning Communities created for particular subjects and grade levels need additional support. 

Edmodo Spotlight is the world’s largest content-sharing community that empowers educators to discover and collect valuable educational resources. They can also publish their own content, rate and review what’s being shared, and voice which resources are most effective. Edmodo partners with content providers to display resources such as lesson plans, tests, games and other activities. 

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Edmodo is a free classroom communication hub that lets you engage with your classes and connect with teachers globally.

The all-new Edmodo app has been redesigned from the ground up to focus on how YOU communicate with your students, parents and fellow teachers.


  • A brand new home stream for sharing and discovering resources among your colleagues.
  • All your classes organized into one space.
  • Direct Messaging available for students and teachers!
  • A daily planner that shows all your upcoming assignments and events.

With Edmodo, you can reach every student in your class. Students can login and participate from any phone, tablet or computer, and can check assignments from within the app. Facilitate discussion within a single class group or browse topics for extra resources related to your subject.

Share and discover new lessons and resources across your school, district, or any of your teacher connections. Edmodo makes it easy for you to share anything on your phone with your connections. And the improved home stream means you can find dozens of educational resources for your classroom all at once.

“Students love the app and...they always keep updated with new posts and notes.” - Alessandra Pallavicini, EFL teacher, Italy

“Edmodo continues to be my ‘go to’ place for learning, sharing and collaborating with educators.”
Sandy McConnell, Teacher, United States

“All my students are on Edmodo and now I cannot think of any other way I could teach, there are so many advantages compared to my previous teaching style! I use the platform to communicate with students, share resources, assign tasks and then annotate them and send them back to students.”
Lucia Bartolotti, EFL Teacher, Italy

“As a classroom teacher, I find that education can sometimes be isolating even though I work with approximately 75 other teachers. I am so happy that I am able to collaborate with other teachers who are also using Edmodo, as this really helps me feel connected.”
Shelby Place, Teacher, China

“The ability to connect with international educators and share that experience with my students is a major perk.” - Lacey, Teacher, United States

“I've used different products but I stick with Edmodo because it is easy to use, appealing to my students, and most of all, it's packed with features!” -Anna Lyn Lumibao, Teacher

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