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A quick reference guide to economics principles, features and terms.

A comprehensive quick reference guide to fundamental principles, features and terms.

For Economics students & all those with an active interest in Business, Finance, Investments or the Economy.

Absolute Advantage, Amortisation, Asset-Backed Security, Basis Point, Bond, Bull Market, Base Rate, Cable, Commodity, Deflation, Depression, Derivative, Dumping, Externality, Flash Trading, Futures, GDP, Gilts, Hedge, Hyperinflation, Induced Consumption, IMF, Leveraged Buyout, Mercantilism, Natural Monopoly, Opportunity Cost, Option, Overheating, Protectionism, Put Option, Quantitative Easing, Short Selling, Sovereign Risk, Spot Market, Stagflation, Sticky Prices, Stocks, Structural Deficit, Structured products, Sunk Costs, Supply and Demand, Swaps, Tariff, Treasury Bills, Underwriting, Venture Capital, Yield and many many more…

Quick reference both offline and online. Concise descriptions, examples and links to further reading from wikipedia and other online resources.

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