Economic Analysis course. MBA

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  • Economic Analysis course. MBA-1Economic Analysis course. MBA-2Economic Analysis course. MBA-3Economic Analysis course. MBA-4Economic Analysis course. MBA-5Economic Analysis course. MBA-6

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This app is released by Learning To-Go, an interactive educational system incorporating text, flashcards and tests into one complete learning app.

Informed managers make intelligent business decisions.

Economic Analysis distills a wealth of information over 13 comprehensive chapters, teaching users everything they need to know leverage the fundamentals of managerial economics to benefit their business. From forecasting to pricing strategies, Economic Analysis provides a clear overview of this complex topic and is filled with an array of user-friendly Mobile Learning features that make this a complete professional education solution.

• Complete course text – 13 chapters
• Interactive flashcards for subject review
• Comprehensive chapter-level tests
• Explanations of right and wrong answers

Included Chapters:
• The fundamentals of managerial economics
• Optimization techniques
• Market forces: Demand and supply
• Quantitative demand analysis
• Economic and business forecasting
• Theory of production
• Multiple product planning and linear programming
• Cost: Theory and analysis
• Markets and the behavior of the firm
• Pricing policies and strategies
• Long-term investment decisions (capital budgeting)
• Risk in project analysis
• A manager's guide to government in the market place

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