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Rating Easy Spelling Aid - 4 out of 5 - Good Rating 4.0

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About Easy Spelling Aid

An app that aids in your spelling. This app has received an EAS rating of 4 Stars.

Easy Spelling Aid Review

This app is very simple in its idea yet accomplishes it in a very clear, concise and easy manner. The premise behind the app is to provide children and adults with an app that can spell out the words and phrases that they speak into it via the devices microphone. It is as simple as that. Although, behind the simplicity there is a lot more going on.

On opening the app the user is welcomed to a very attractive front page with the simple instructions of touching the picture of a microphone and speaking into the device. Once the user has done this a new page opens up with the words that the user has spoken written on the page. The design and usability of the app are fantastic. Not only does the app look clean, and designed for ease of use it also oozes class in its minimalistic approach. Everything about the app screams how simple and effective it is. Also on the opening screen is a small icon that takes you to a separate settings page. This is really where you get to see where a lot of hard work has gone into the app. This is followed through on the developer’s website where the clean look and ease of use carries on. The developer realises in many ways that sometimes the right few words can make much more sense than pages of information

As mentioned before the premise is very simple. Allow someone with the correct spelling of a word that they have spoken into the device which contains the app. Due to the narrow nature of the app (this is solely what it does) it means that it can do it extremely well. Due to this the user then can make use of the app in a number of different ways. For instance they could just use it as a simple aid in helping them to spell a word that they do not know how to spell. However, in the settings option there are a number of different options that the user has to do even more. There is a small section of instructions (small only because it really is so simple to use) as well as an option to change the language. The app supports 19 different languages, which is phenomenal and also means that it could be used as an aid in helping to learn, write in a new language. There is then an ability to select a writing style and this includes the option for UK cursive writing meaning that not only could a student use this to help them spell a word they do not know but they may also want to use it to help them write the word in the correct manner. There is an option available to add writing lines to the text on the screen and also has a dyslexic friendly option where the font and background behind the writing is adjusted to become dyslexic friendly, allowing a range of users to access this app.

Due to all these small features there really is no particular age limit to the uses of the app. Someone who has English as a second language may decide to use it to help them learn the language and spell better; a student may use it to help them spell a word or phrase they do not know or an adult may use it for this reason too. What I don’t think the app can do though is be used as an educational tool to help young people to learn how to spell. There are no strategies, no hints or tips on how to break words down and no way of learning, testing and reflecting on spelling. Where the app does succeed though is in its usability. It really is extremely useful to access and use and in all the strange and difficult phrases I have attempted on it there is been no mistakes. I have even tried speaking in a muffled manner and it still manages to pick up correctly what I am saying. It is these small features that make this app excellent at what it does even though it is quite limited in its range.

Overall this is a highly successful app in doing what it sets out to do.  

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Android, iPad, iPhone


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Nuapp Productions Pty Ltd

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