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EASY AS THIS - Friends of ten

  • iPad, iPhone
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  • age 2+

About EASY AS THIS - Friends of ten

Number bonds to 10 with some intriguing twists

Teacher Review

Number bonds to 10 with some intriguing twists: learn, practice and play games to master this skill. Upon opening the app, children are given four different options, “learn”, ”train”, ”match”, ”game”, and a settings button located discretely in the corner for adults.  When “learning”, children are shown the pairs of numbers that add up to ten, presented on a background of squared paper with numbers clearly written.  A simple but effective graphic rotates the numbers around the addition sign, emphasising an essential mathematical concept (that 4+6 and 6+4 both equal 10) in an extremely visual way, attracting children’s attention.  They are able to click through each number bond at their own pace and after learning the new skill, they are encouraged to practice these skills through “training”.  
Presented in the same format, questions are presented with a missing part and the numbers 1-9 for children to select.  Incorrect answers do not let the child proceed, while correct answers are rewarded with a star.  10 stars complete the level, at which point, the time taken is displayed and children are able to return to the homepage.  
The third section “match” is an addictive, competitive two player game where children need to work in pairs, each holding one end of the device and to compete to answer questions the fastest. With 10 stars available, after several games children will soon be challenging for stars, improving their speed and understanding each time.  Again the time taken is displayed at the end.  Although designed for two player mode, it can still be played in single player mode, although it is the same as the second section.
The fourth and final section is modelled on a Tetris style game where numbers fall from the top of the screen and children must move the number from left to right in order to pair them up with the appropriate number bond to 10.  This time, an incorrect answer results in the loss of a life with three lost lives ending the game, conversely a correct answer is rewarded with points. While the speed of which the numbers drop increases as you progress, a whole new level of challenge and entertainment can be achieved if this happens a little quicker. Similarly, it would be useful to see the addition of a back button on each of the four sections so allow users to switch back and forth between screens.  A further addition would be the ability to record and display high scores and/or errors and this would provide an insight for a parents or teacher and would give the child motivation to challenge themselves.
Finally, this app boasts great graphics with smooth transitions between screens and the ability to learn in both English and Swedish.  The concept, particularly the two player game play and the Tetris style feature, is a great selling point, and the developer could easily expand this idea for other apps. Overall an excellent app, and a well deserved 4* rating.
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Svante Segelson

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  • EASY AS THIS - Friends of tenEASY AS THIS - Friends of tenEASY AS THIS - Friends of tenEASY AS THIS - Friends of ten


An easy training tool to practice your skills on the 'Friends Of 10'.


  • In the Learn-mode the pupil can see the relation between the figures that together sums 10. Like 8+2, 2+8 and so on.
  • In the Train-mode the pupil can train freely and with the timer see how the results improve.
  • When the pupil is ready, he/her can challenge a friend, parent or teacher in a duel within the Match-mode.
  • Gamification: The pupil trains automatically the 'Friends Of 10' while having fun with the game in the Play mode, and 'Friends Of 10' will soon come naturally.

We have focused on produce a simple and pedagogic tool, and we are convinced that you will be faster on the 'Friends Of 10' with help of this app! Friends Of Ten, learn what makes 10.

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