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About Earworms: Language Learning

Earworms – Musical Brain Training is a well-presented language-learning app, aimed at young people and adults who wish to learn some core phrases and language to allow them to communicate more effectively while abroad. It boasts a wide variety of language groupings, across several different levels to provide a suitable and customisable challenge to whomever is using it.

Earworms: Language Learning Review

The real draw and appeal of the Earworms app is that it allows you to experience your chosen language(s) with catchy music and lyrics that really stick with you. It is proven to be a highly effective and widely-accepted learning technique, as the use of music and vocal patterns help embed words and phrases of a foreign language into your long-term memory.

The app combines some seventeen different language pairings, across up-to three different levels. The third level would equate to Common European Framework level A2 (Pre-Intermediate). Each language and level is clearly and concisely broken down into topics, so that the user can focus on those areas most relevant to them, if desired. Each topic contains a complementary phrasebook resource and the accompanying audio tracks. Each tracks is conveniently set to last between six and ten minutes, providing you with a time-friendly experience. However, what truly stands out is the music-centred technique to facilitate the learning process. This immersive experience is highly effective, and any user will quickly see improvements in their vocabulary retention and their pronunciation accuracy – even within a few minutes.

All-in-all, Earworms – Musical Brain Trainer boasts an engaging and compelling process supplemented with quality, effective audio and useful supportive phrase and explanation literacy.

What we love about Earworms – Musical Brain Trainer

Firstly, Earworms – Musical Brain Trainer is a well-presented app, which is easily navigated and effective in directing you to where you want to go. The app boasts an impressive array of languages – seventeen in total – with each language sub-divided into ‘Volumes’ to suitably further your learning, while keeping it accessibly challenging.

The premise of the app is that of a lexical approach guided my music and/or rhythmic repetition – i.e. you are guided to listen to set phrases, or ‘language chunks’ and repeat these back to yourself. However, the simplified explanation does the app a great disservice.

Rhythmic repetition and/or music have been proven to be highly effective instruments in the learning process, especially in second-language acquisition. You really need to experience it for yourself. As very quickly you will find yourself understanding and regurgitating prescribed ‘language chunks’ that can be applied in real-world contexts and situations. The Earworms approach is hugely effective, and the almost immediate rewards and progression will be appealing to all users, especially if you have a narrow time-window for your learning.

The audio tracks are so effective as they are genuinely catchy and the dialogue between the learner and native speaker is easy to follow, as well as being pleasantly enjoyable. The prerecorded audio guides the language learner, who then responds back and forth to the rhythmic beat of the music, with occasional rhythmic repetition of certain phrases. Don’t panic, you will not have to sing, as everything is spoken naturally. The short and repetitive nature of the audio files – between six and ten minutes – make this app an ideal acquisition for language learners.

To add a certain degree of customisation, Earworms – Musical Brain Trainer offers three progressive language learning levels, or ‘Volumes’. These will take you up to preintermediate level (CEF level A2), a rough comparison would be pre-GCSE level. Volume 1 is the most basic, and seems to be geared at building a useable foundation of core phrases, which will allow any user to achieve a degree of fluency in specific real-life situations – such as, taking a taxi, booking a hotel room, ordering at the restaurant, finding your way, dealing with problems, amongst other topics. Volumes 2 and 3, introduce more challenging scenarios, aimed at fostering confidence in more generic, everyday encounters, while integrating some awareness of grammar and lexical structures. However, if an in-depth

grammar explanation is what you seek, you will need to look elsewhere. Again, I need to point out that the target of the app is to bring about practical communication in authentic scenarios in a short space of time…and this, it does very well.

Is Earworms – musical Brain Training easy to use?

Yes, Earworms – musical Brain Training is neatly designed and is it easy to navigate between the various content sections. Everything is very clearly labelled, allowing for intuitive user for any user. The app interface is simple on start-up and begins by allowing users to choose their native language. After this, navigation is very straightforward. Users will choose to restore previous purchases (if previously purchased on another device) or access their new, language-specific content. In my opinion, the interface is extremely user friendly.

How much does the app cost?

Earworms – musical Brain Training is currently available for free on the iOS App and Google Play Stores. However, there is a cost to unlock specific content for each language. There is a free ‘demo album’ trial available; however, to unlock all content requires a one-off payment (£9.99 for a single ‘Volume’, or £24.99 for a complete language bundle).

Is Earworms – musical Brain Training safe to use?

Yes, Earworms – musical Brain Training is safe to use, with it being ad-free and all content being related to the app itself. The app is straightforward to use and is well designed. 

Scrolling and navigation are extremely intuitive, and the interface will ensure that you can find intended content with ease. All downloads are handled in app, with no external links needing to be followed.

How, Earworms – musical Brain Training, can improve on?

The well-structured outline of the app will ensure that any user will be supported through the language-learning process and easily refine their study to the topics most relevant to them.

However, some users may find the app topics a little restrictive. The language studied is very prescriptive and can come across as heavily tourist centric. Unless this is your goal for using this app, then you may not find the study topics to be as useful as they might otherwise be. I would like to see that content is extended in the future to include more ‘everyday’ and ‘general’ conversation topics, as there is only so far that someone can go with ordering food, making reservations, etc. without the sentiment that their language skills are stagnating. If, however, you have specific tourism reasons in mind, then this app is a more-than-ideal companion – bordering on a must-have, in my opinion (considering how effective it is).

The next point on my ‘wish-list’ is tied to my last. If Earworms could provide some extension volumes for more challenging contexts, I think it would offer a much more rounded and indepth learner experience, especially for more advanced learners of the language.

It is clear that the ‘chunking’ and ‘learn-through-music’ approach employed by the Earworms – musical Brain Training app is hugely effective and will transform your language learning – I stand by my previous point that, for tourist-specific contexts, this is almost a must-have – for the competitive and self-motivated learner, some for of tracking and feedback is the only feature that is majorly lacking. There is no qualitative or quantitative way to track your progress. Admittedly, this is not the purpose of this app; however, some mechanism to show tangible progress would be a very welcome addition, in my opinion.

Overall rating of the app

Earworms – musical Brain Training is a neatly designed and engaging language-learning app that is effective in its content and, especially, in its delivery method. The app is a safe, secure, and supportive platform, which is free to download – starting with a free ‘demo album’ trial, and thereafter you will require a one-off purchase to extend content. Using music as a stimulus, app users will learn their chosen language Spanish in an intuitive way and quickly see useable progress, allowing them to build confidence and practicality in a short space of time. If upgrading your language knowledge-base for tourist purposes, this app should definitely be on your radar.

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