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About EarMaster - Music Theory & Ear Training

This app is designed to build and develop your aural skills in rhythm and pitch identification. It takes you through from basic rhythmic and pitch understanding and simple interactive questions, to much more advances understanding of chord progressions, interval identification and sight-reading and sight-singing of far higher complexity, including jazz workshops and customised exercises. Each lesson takes you through a brief explanation of the topic, and then a completion of a listening and response task, before moving on to the next exercise, until completion of the chapter. EarMaster is a great tool for ear training, sight-singing and rhythm at all skill levels, from beginner to very advanced.

Teacher Review

EarMaster provides an excellent range of teaching and listening questions to develop any music learner from beginner topics to much more developed aural awareness. There are a range of products dependent on the type of student you are, and the EarMaster Cloud is ideal for students in a music class or school. Each student can have their own log in, which means the teacher can set up assignments for each student and view their results. It is an ideal opportunity to develop on ear training and sight-reading and sight-singing skills.

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The app has a wide variety of platforms with the use of iPad, but also downloadable onto any PC or Mac, meaning that it is easily accessible for all students. There is also an opportunity to customise your own exercise so that you can focus on a clear personal target, to have demonstrable outcomes.

The Beginners Course starts with absolute basics in pitch, explaining high and low sounds, and links to more information if required before starting off with simple exercises. This just demonstrates the wide ability of the app, starting at the very basics, and moving to some of the most complex exercises and abilities available to any user. The exercises use the microphone for sight-singing, or a simple tap on the screen for clapping. Within each chapter, there is a brief tutorial before an exercise, which then progresses well from one level to the next. After the Beginners Course has been mastered, you are then able to move onto General Workshops, going through activities of Scale Identification, Rhythmic Sight-Reading, Imitation, Dictation and Error Dictation, and Melodic Sight-Singing, Melody Imitation and Melodic Dictation. A real positive from this app is the diversity into Jazz Workshops also, which can provide much complexity and range of styles compared to many other similar apps on the market. The same activities are given as chapters within the Jazz Workshops as are in the General Workshops, which helps to broaden the diversity of aural skills. The Customised Exercises again use the same chapter breakdowns, which helps the user to identify their weakest points as they have worked through the app, before selecting the more particular areas of focus.

A particular positive for this app is the analysis and identification of correct and incorrect answers. The app is able to accurately identify pitch and rhythm through the microphone or tapping. A real positive is that it is able to identify particular areas of weakness, such as late rhythmic clapping rather than purely incorrect. This can often be frustrating in interactive apps, and thankfully, is a great positive for EarMaster.

Due to the use of sight-singing, which could prove difficult due to users range, the settings offer a choice of ranges for each student, as well as a range of other settings for the user to personalise, which helps them to identify more personally with the app, helping them to be more successful.

There are also overall statistics that you are able to view, which helps the user to see their general progress in each area, in order to identify their weakest areas to focus on. There is also a help section which annotates each area of the app to helps the user to navigate through the exercises, although due to the simplicity of the design, this is fairly straightforward.

The design of the app is very easy to use and navigate around, with a mature design that is helpful to any student. Although this seems less exciting and colourful for the younger student, the ideal target audience would be from a teenager and older, and therefore the maturity of the app is helpful. The language is easy to understand from the beginning, and develops to become more complex as you progress through each section. It is also helpful to have the extra links, particularly in the earlier sections, to helps to differentiate for each user.

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  • EarMaster - Music Theory & Ear TrainingEarMaster - Music Theory & Ear TrainingEarMaster - Music Theory & Ear TrainingEarMaster - Music Theory & Ear TrainingEarMaster - Music Theory & Ear Training


Music theory made easy and fun! Thousands of lessons on ear training, sight-singing and rhythm for all skill levels, from beginner to very advanced. The app includes all you need to build up your music theory skills and become a better musician. Try it, it's not only fun to use but also very efficient: some of the best music schools use EarMaster.

"Easily the best ear training app I have tried. Incredibly comprehensive yet fantastically usable with nice easy progressions and feedback at every step of the way. Best of all - it's great fun!!" - Dylan1981 in the App Store

"I've tried almost every ear training app on iPad and EarMaster is the best. Yes, it's a bit more expensive than other apps but there is a reason for that. There is no other ear training app on iOS with this many features." - Rob & Nay in the App Store

Nominated at NAMM TEC AWARDS 2017 in the 'Best Educational Tool' category

- Interval Identification (Customized Exercise)
- Chord Identification (Customized Exercise)
- First 20+ lessons of Beginners Course

BEGINNERS COURSE - Acquire all the core music theory skills with hundreds of progressive exercises on rhythm, notation, pitch, chords, scales, and more.

COMPLETE EAR TRAINING - Train with intervals, chords, chord inversions, scales, harmonic progressions, melodies, rhythm, and more.

LEARN TO SIGHT-SING - Sing on-screen scores into the microphone of your iPad and get immediate feedback on your pitch and time accuracy.

RHYTHM TRAINING - Tap! tap! tap! Sight-read, dictate and tap back rhythms LIVE - including swing rhythms! Get instant feedback on your performance.

CUSTOMIZE EVERYTHING - Take control of the app and configure your own exercises. Hundreds of options available: voicing, key, pitch range, cadences, time limits, etc.

JAZZ WORKSHOPS - Additional exercises for advanced users with jazz chords and progressions, swing rhythms, Jazz sight-singing and melody sing-back exercises based on Jazz classics such as "After You've Gone", "Ja-Da", "Rock-a-Bye Your Baby", "St. Louis Blues", and many more.

DETAILED STATS - Follow your progress day by day to spot your strengths and weaknesses.

AND MUCH, MUCH MORE – Learn to sing and transcribe music by ear. Learn to use solfege. Plug a microphone or a MIDI controller into your iPad to answer the exercises. And even more to explore on your own in the app :)

WORKS WITH EARMASTER CLOUD - If your school or choir is using EarMaster Cloud, you can connect the app with your account and complete your home assignments with the app.

BEGINNERS COURSE (First 20+ lessons are FREE)
Over 200 lessons for beginners, covering the basics of music theory, ear training and sight-singing.

• Interval Identification
• Interval Comparison
• Interval Singing
• Chord Identification
• Chord Inversions
• Chord Progressions
• Scale Identification
• Rhythmic Sight-Reading
• Rhythm Imitation
• Rhythm Error Detection
• Rhythmic Dictation
• Melodic Dictation
• Melody Imitation
• Melodic Sight-Singing

• Jazz Chords
• Jazz Chord progressions
• Jazz Rhythmic Sight-Reading
• Jazz Rhythm Imitation
• Jazz Rhythm Error Detection
• Jazz Rhythmic Dictation
• Jazz Melodic Dictation
• Jazz Melody Imitation
• Jazz Sight-Singing

• Interval Identification (FREE)
• Interval Comparison
• Interval Singing
• Chord Identification (FREE)
• Chord Inversions
• Chord Progressions
• Scale Identification
• Rhythmic Sight-Reading
• Rhythm Imitation
• Rhythm Error Detection
• Rhythmic Dictation
• Melodic Dictation
• Melody Imitation
• Melodic Sight-Singing

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