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From the Developer

Designed for budding young readers, this fantastic app allows parents to teach their children all the essential skills for early reading.

Customer Quotes:

"My niece loves this! - Thanks to this app my 4 yr old niece thinks she's super smart and her aunt is super cool :)".

“A great way to introduce reading to your child."

"At this price, this is a very good collection of resources that any teacher / early reader would love to have access to.”


- Four sections, “Phonics”, “Sight Words”, “Sounding Out”, and “Sentences” that cover the basic building blocks for beginning reading. 160 flash cards in total.

- Audio examples for every card spoken in clear English.

- Easy to follow ‘Tips for Parents’ designed by early years teachers.

- Simple and elegant interface that allows users to ‘flick’ between flash cards.

Enjoy helping your child become a confident and enthusiastic reader! Visit www.ikonstrukt.com for more information.

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