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About Dyslexia Test & Tips

Dyslexia Test & Tips is an app that helps you quickly identify dyslexia and create a profile of the person being tested. This app is meant for children, students and adults either with dyslexia or where there is a chance of dyslexia. You can take the test yourself or as a teacher, parent, family member or colleague, help someone you think could possibly be dyslexic to take the test. 

Dyslexia Test & Tips Review

Dyslexia Tests & Tips is a good application that allows the user to identify difficulties that may lead to diagnosis of Dyslexia. Whilst not a full diagnostic tool, the app gives a good indication that somebody may have dyslexia. One of the most common learning difficulties in today's classrooms, dyslexia can still go unnoticed and mean that children do not get the necessary support required in order to reach their full potential. The app can be used by teachers, parents and  people with dyslexia to help gain a deeper understanding and seek additional support.

Upon opening the app you are presented with six options; identification, dyslexia test, behaviour, connect, tips and about dyslexia. The interface is clear and can be accessed in both English and Dutch. The identification section gives the user a quick way of finding out if dyslexia may be causing difficulties. There are a number of statements such as 'Dyslexia in the family', 'Visually aware' and 'gets car sick' which among others can be ticked. At the bottom of the screen is a blank three star visual which turns yellow according to the number of statements you tick. Additionally, it states 'No dyslexia or 'No possibility of dyslexia' as well as 'It's not clear if there is a possibility of dyslexia. Do the test with 35 questions to make sure' 

In the 'Dyslexia test' area there are three options; personal test, test parents and saved profiles. The personal test has a nice audio prompt for the questions which is a good feature for the intended audience. This section contains 35 questions which ask more in-depth questions about difficulties and behavioural traits. If you answer yes to the majority of the questions, you are met with a message about getting further help. The message also states that a person with dyslexia often have special talents and that with special help they can learn to cope with the disorientation that they may be experiencing. At the end of the test sequence the user is offered a link to a 'first aid' section, in this area the user is reminded of important information to consider if you may have dyslexia. Another link at the end of the test sequence is 'Add behaviour', in this area you can add behaviour traits in many areas which builds a profile for the user. It is in this area that you can see that the developer is drawing upon a wealth of experience in the field of dyslexia education. They have thoughtfully drawn upon their experience and observations over the years to deliver a really useful profiling tool that will be appreciated by many. 

The 'Connect' section gives a list of 22 supportive strategies that may be used to support people with dyslexia. Again the developer has compiled a list which is thoughtful and very useful. The one downside to this section and a very minor one at that is the statement 'Get professional help'. When you click the statement it says 'There's plenty of good help out there'. It may be useful to add the types of help available and how to access these. 

A 'Tips' area is broken down into four areas; primary school tips, study tips, tips at home and tips at work. These quick tips are a useful feature, the advice is clear and can be used by teachers, parents and the person having difficulties. 

The last section is titled ‘About dyslexia’ and contains useful background information, the first aid section mentioned above and further information about the app with links to social media platforms.

Overall, Dyslexia Test and Tips is a fantastic application and a must have for educators. The developer’s experience and thoughtfulness is ever present as is the message for the need to seek professional help. Many children go under the radar when it comes to dyslexia and the need for this type of app is greatly needed. Well done

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