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About Dynamilis - Kids' Handwriting

Dynamilis is a handwriting development app designed to help children between 5-12 improve their handwriting skills. In-built handwriting analysis allows parents and educators to see the starting point of a child's abilities and the app to modify the ongoing learning experience to support improvement.

Dynamilis is is free to download and has a free trial period. It is an exclusive iOS app which works best when used with an Apple Pencil on the iPad.

Dynamilis - Kids' Handwriting Review

What is DYNAMILIS app?

Dynamilis is a fantastic app designed to help children improve their handwriting skills and abilities in a fully immersive, fun way. The app utilises technology that allows parents or educators to analyse a user's handwriting abilities and then gives the user the tools to improve their skills. The app achieves this through a series of fun interactive games and detailed analysis to show the rate of progress.

The app's design is intelligent and effective. The developer's choices demonstrate a lot of knowledge about the importance of handwriting and how to support its development. The app utilises a method of guided practice and encourages repetition — proven methods to help children improve.

The app also includes relevant games for the user to play, which makes the process fun and interactive. These games will adapt depending on the continuing progress analysis, and children will enjoy playing them while improving their handwriting skills. The gamification and challenge element in the app keeps children engaged and returning to the app regularly.

Frequent use is essential in learning as repetition embeds new skills. The app states that only 15 minutes a day will help a child to improve. However, I can see this app getting some kids to play more than 15 minutes daily.

The app is free to download. Users get the first week free to ensure it is right for them. After this, multiple subscription options cater for different lengths of time and number of users.

What we love about Dynamilis

The app creates a favourable impression from the start, which continues in use. The developers have clearly thought long and hard and developed an app that meets their goals of supporting handwriting development.

A unique feature among handwriting apps for kids is the ongoing analysis employed by Dynamilis. The intelligent assessment raises the whole app to a higher level as analysis allows a greater understanding of a user's starting point and ongoing progress. It will enable learning to be customised, meaning that for an individual, the learning is always relevant to them.

What skills does it improve?

Dynamilis aims to improve the user's handwriting skills. It achieves this through a mixture of analysis, customised learning and gameplay that helps users with all the aspects of handwriting. The app's support can range from assisting children in working on controlling the pressure they place on the page to being able to control their writing more.

What age is it appropriate for?

Five to twelve is the age range for which the analysis tool within the app is most effective. It does state in its FAQs that adults trying to use this app for themselves will have a very strange set of results for this reason.

Is DYNAMILIS easy to use?

Dynamilis is easy for kids to use and access the learning material. The developers are upfront about the experience being much better with the Apple Pencil.

The Pencil's digital sensors help the app track kids' pen techniques and how they form letters. You should consider it essential for your kids to get the most out of this app. Going without it or using a passive stylus will not yield the same results.

How will students benefit?

Children will benefit from the app by using it to improve all aspects of their handwriting. However, as the app is game-based, children won't necessarily realise that this is why they are using it. The games have scores attached to them, meaning the app has a sense of challenge for the user to keep trying to get a better score each time.

How will teachers benefit?

Educators can benefit from this app by knowing they have an app that students will access to improve their handwriting skills. It can be used in a classroom setting or as homework for the students, but teachers must remember that the app requires an Apple Pencil, which will only work on iPads and not iPhones.

However, the primary way that educators can benefit from this app is by utilising the analysis side of the app that allows them to track each student's progress.

How will parents benefit?

Parents don't always know how to help their kids improve their handwriting skills. Dynamilis fills in this gap by monitoring kids and providing relevant feedback.

Parents can still track how well their child is doing. The analysis tool will assist them as a non-professional in understanding how to help their child. Home-schooling parents will find this especially helpful.

How much does DYNAMILIS cost?

Dynamilis is free to download, and there is an option of using the app free for a week. However, after this, users can purchase a range of packages, depending on how long they want the app for and for how many users, making it ideal for both the parental and school markets.

What is included with the free version vs. paid?

The paid-for version gives you full access for the amount of users or length of time you have purchased. 

Is DYNAMILIS safe to use

Dynamilis app content is entirely child-friendly and contains no inappropriate content or advertisements.

What DYNAMILIS can improve on?

This is really difficult as I can't see anything that the developer hasn't already thought of to make this an effective app. The only thing would be for the developers to create more!

Overall rating of the website and app

Handwriting remains an important skill for kids to develop, and research has shown that it can benefit other literacy areas, such as reading comprehension and creative writing.

Dynamilis is one of the most effective handwriting apps we have certified, and its use of the Apple Pencil to support this is fully justified. We have awarded Dynamilis five stars.

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