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About Duolingo Kids

Duolingo Kids is a game-based language learning app for kids to learn Spanish, French and English. Duolingo Kids is available for free to download on iOS and Android devices.

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Duolingo Kids Review

Designed alongside experts, Duolingo Kids offers a number of interactive stories and 700 bite-sized reading lessons, to help preschoolers build reading fluency over time. Fun imagery and highlighted words assist children in reading independently, and rewards keep kids motivated to learn, whilst building confidence.

Duolingo Kids offers gamified language lessons with immediate grading on language challenges and rewards, like virtual coins and an increase in your personalized fluency score. It’s one of the best free educational learning apps for kids.

Duolingo Kids app helps children grow as readers with 300 bite-sized activities that teach the alphabet, phonics, and sight words.

Is Duolingo Kids free?

Yes, Duolingo Kids is available for free to download on iOS and Android devices. It offers unique features and a user-friendly structure which makes learning new languages and sharpening skills both simple and fun for its users.

How to Get Duolingo Kids app?

Duolingo Kids is available on iOS and Android devices. Also, you can access it from any browser as a website.

How do I create a Duolingo Kids account?

After downloading the app on your device or accessing it on the website, you need to sign up. You’ll then have to register your email address or use your social media accounts to log-in.  After signing up, you have to choose the language that you want to learn, and you can choose as many languages as you want.

How Does the Duolingo Kids App Work?

Duolingo Stories feature is ideal for intermediate and advanced learners. This feature allows you to read interactive mini-stories in the language that you are learning.

After that, there will be a quiz about the story that you read. The quiz will let you know how much you learned.

You can enjoy the stories in many different languages for English speakers. On the other hand, Portuguese, Spanish, and Chinese can enjoy them in English.

Lingots, the red gems, are the valuable fictional currencies that you can get as a reward when you successfully perform tasks or complete sections, level up, or complete a 10-day streak.

Fluency Meter allows you to check your progress when it comes to language fluency. Reward System is the feature that keeps its users motivated to reach their goals. They gain rewards for completing lessons.

Is Duolingo available for Kids?

Duolingo Kids is available for children ages three to seven. 


  • Comprehensive, clear lessons guide students through questions and let them set the pace, personalizing the experience.
  • App and website options
  • Wide range of languages


  • The games are great, but they'll work even better coupled with teacher-led differentiation and thoughtful classroom instruction.
  • No live tutorials
  • Limited practice for speaking

Duolingo Kids is an app where kids can learn English on their smartphones while also having fun. This app's entire interface is designed so kids can learn and practice English by completing different minigames.

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Download Duolingo Kids

You can download Duolingo Kids on your iOS or Android devices from the app stores. Download the Duolingo Kids app from the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store.

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